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8 Advantages of Business Name Generator And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

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You and your team have all the elements to go ahead and give your business a shot. You have a great idea, you are solving an essential problem, you are highly motivated, and you feel the timing is perfect. In a nutshell, you can see a great business opportunity here.

However,  you do not have any cool name ideas for your brand. This is where a business name generator such as Namify comes in–not only does it offer unique, usable, and brandable business names, but it also suggests available domain names and a logo to get you started with building your business.

What’s in a Name? 

Your brand name plays an integral part in making your brand. It’s the first impression on your target audience,  your investors and even your employees. Your brand name is the first thing people associate with your business.

It has to be carefully thought out and marked on the business. The name of the business is crucial if you aim for longevity in the business world.  Choose a business name that stands out yet helps you build a great identity.

Your brand name acts as a foundational stone for your business. It strongly impacts your logo, mission statement and value proposition. Essentially, it influences your overall positioning in the market.

The brand name also plays a massive role in your day-to-day marketing and sales operations. Moreover, it helps in your online presence and your eventual product/service.

Brand Name Generators

It may seem challenging to generate a company name that is distinct. Your company’s name should align closely with what you do while ensuring that your name does not conflict with other brand names.

To overcome this issue, use a company name generator. Online business name generators harness the power of AI and semantics to search for business names on the web. Brand name generators help you create business name ideas that are unique and precise.

There are a lot of company name generators, with almost little to no variability in the input format. All you have to do is enter a keyword (or multiple keywords) and hit “Generate”.   You instantly have a list of great suggestions for your name. You can go on and find a  perfect business name.

Using a free business name generator has many benefits. Here are ten advantages of using a business name generator:

  • Brainstorm on a Name

Founders around the world tend to underestimate the power of a brand name. Instead of carefully ideating and selecting a name after consensus, they go for an approach that is reflexive and instinctual.

This is not a very business good approach and can lead to dangerous repercussions later. The exact process of choosing a business name involves brainstorming about it first. Business name generators can deep dive into a massive amount of data and create a list to help formalize your brand name.

  • Secure Your Domain Name

A domain name defines your digital presence. It is your seal of credibility in the world of the internet. Using a startup name generator ensures that you get a name that is snappy and relates to your business model. Moreover, you could consider new domain extensions such as  .TECH,  .STORE,  .SPACE,  .ONLINE,  .SITE, .PRESS, etc that can allow you to get meaningful and contextual domain names–ones that will add immense value to your brand for years to come.

  • Integrate Your Branding

Free business name generators such as offer features through which you can get a one-stop-shop for all your branding needs.

These 360-degree name generators offer a wide variety of logo and name options. They also help you register your domain name from the very same place.

  • Avoid Copyright Infringement

Many times, due to the high volume of obscure naming purchases, the probability of your name being a replica of a small local business in, say, New Jersey, that has stopped functioning is quite high. Also, it is possible that you may be sued for using somebody else’s name even after a year of being in business.

This potential scenario hurts your business. Apart from the legal burden, you have the extra job of rebranding.

Brand name generators can help you avoid this situation. These tools can flag any name that might be entering someone else’s territory.

  • Customize Your Name

You also have the option of customizing your brand name search when using a  brand name generator. The customization can be achieved through features like name length, name style, industry, number of syllables and all permutations and combinations of these.

  • Gauge Consumer Preferences

It is recommended that you take customers’ opinions when creating your business name.

Make a list of prospective names and share it with your friends and colleagues to seek their option. This way,  you can go ahead with a name that you know people will like.

  • Break the Language Barrier 

If you perceive your brand to be multicultural and multi-ethnic and want to break language barriers, a brand name generator can be the perfect tool to use.

A business name generator suggests names that align with keywords from multiple languages. You can further customize these names and even check for the availability for your type of business.

  • Compare Suggestions via Social Media

If you still haven’t decided on a business name,  you can use a business name generator that compares all the names on your shortlist via social media. You can receive insights that will help you determine which one works the best.


Brand names are an integral part of any business. Do not avoid or underestimate this step if you are serious about this. Your one single decision at this stage will help you chart your course of action.

Brand name generators can help you figure out a name for your business. They offer many benefits including customization and availing expert opinion. Use a company name generator to easily find the perfect name for your new venture.


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