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App Clips vs Instant Apps vs PWA – Know The Differences

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Introduction:-  App Clips vs Instant Apps vs PWA 

The only things which are common between Apple App Clips, Progressive Web Apps, and Google Instant Apps are that one can use them without downloading them. However, there are many other differences between all three. Many things became apparent from the discussion between mobile apps and the mobile web. However, the line of difference between the two isn’t as clear and recognizable as it used to. 

In other terms, a mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive website isn’t as expensive and time-consuming to develop as a native mobile app. This can attract a wider range of users due to its swift accessibility and the no-need-to-download approach. 

Native smartphone apps, on the other hand, tend to offer a great UX. Also, they help in getting more engagement from a dedicated group of users who are loyal enough to download the app of a business company. In recent years more new contenders appeared in the mix. These contenders aim to combine the best of mobile-app and mobile-web worlds to offer a better, and all-round experience. 

These competitors are Apple’s app clip, Google’s Instant Apps, and Progressive Web Apps. In this blog, we will be comparing these 3 and will be discussing which is better for your business. 

What are Apple’s App Clips?

A few months ago, App released the next version of iOS known as iOS 14. At the conference, one of the most interesting topics was the release of App clips. With the help of App Clips, one can use mini-apps without installing the same on the iPhone. Apple is expecting that every iOS app development company to design apps that would load and can run instantly. Apple also made some restrictions with the size of these kinds of apps and the app can be a maximum of 10MB in size. 

About Progressive Web Apps:-  

The innovative approaches of Google, Apple’s only worthy opponent, allowed it to create Progressive Web Apps or PWAs. PWA is basically a combination of mobile apps and web apps. These are faster in speed, offer-app-like interactions, offline usage, and one doesn’t need to download it to use it. 

Basically, PWAs are mobile websites designed to appear and act like regular apps with swift loading speeds and offline usages. The greatest thing about PWAs are this counters the problems like instability in the data connection. 

One can also save Progressive Web Apps on their home screen so that they can launch them by tapping the respective icons, just like a regular application.

About Android Instant Apps:-

Every Android application development company is attempting to create Google play instant apps these days. These are fully-fledged native apps that run on Android-powered devices. However, an Android app development company designs them in a unique way. 

Similar to the functionality of PWA one can share instant apps through a link. When the recipient opens the link they can gain access to a stripped-down version of the app. 

Google showed a detailed example of the same in its I/O 2016, where they showed that one user could send a link to the recipient and he/she can use it efficiently with a low internet connection. 

What’s Common Between All Three?

There are some similarities between all these 3 and let’s know some of the similarities between App clips, PWA and Instant Apps.

As you can see, the only thing that connects these three types is that you can use them without downloading them. We can see that the tech world is making life easier for all by helping them to preserve their phone’s storage capacity. 

Apart from that, they are trying to combine the best smartphone apps and mobile web apps. For all these purposes they came up with these unique options.

We can say that the above-mentioned technologies are beneficial for users. But with all these advantages there are some disadvantages also. Let’s have a look at those demerits. The concept of App Clips is very reliable and every ios app development company is working on it. Apple believes that with the use of App Clips the users will be able to find many new apps. But it is believed that doing deep-linkings on your website can also do the same things as App clips. 

If you are stuck towards PWA instead, users will find and use your app as soon as they visit your website. You don’t have to worry about publishing your app on the Apple app store. The cost of development is quite high as it is relatively a new concept. 

Most of us get confused between Google Instant Apps and PWA. Let’s clear this confusion. Think like a business owner, paying for PWA is much more profitable than paying for App clips, But when comparing the same with Google Instant Apps both look equally beneficial. 

Helping users avoid malicious apps:-

Upon comparing App clips with Instant apps, you will easily find that app clips are a better option. According to app developers, Apple has some strong policies in place to avoid including just any app in its App Store. This is the best part about Apple as you can be sure that none of the iOS apps is malicious or virus-riddled. 

Google play store’s app publishing policies aren’t very strict. This results in users often end up downloading programs that damage their phones or play with their data. In this case, both of the companies can make benefits. Users should take their time to browse the apps they generally use and avoid others if they want to stay safe. 


As mentioned earlier, there are innumerable differences between all three competitors. In one instance or other, one can defeat the other two but will lose the round based on another point of comparison.  So we can easily say that all the three platforms mentioned here are unique in their own ways. Code Store Technologies is a leading mobile and web app development company in India and the USA. We have a team of developers who are capable enough to develop the most efficient and flexible app clips, PWAs, and instant apps for your business. 

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