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Top 10 Best DIY Durbarband To Impress Guests This Diwali

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Diwali is the festival of lights and joy with a dash of creativity. The Diya’s, the lights, the Rangoli, and the sweets add to the amazingness of Diwali. Diwali gives us enough opportunities to showcase our creativity that all of us can be artists. A DIY Durbarband is such an option to do just that. 

DIY Durbarband To Impress Guests in 2020

But everybody is bored with ready-made ones because they are so cliché. So why not this Diwali 2020 we show a bit of our creativity? All of them just for you, here we have the top 10 best DIY Durbarband that you can make to impress your guests this Diwali 2020


1. Kalash & Leaf Durbarband 

We all love them; they are classic and pretty and definition of something good. To make this DIY Durbarband all you need is different colored felt, some glue, scissors and a good broad piece of thread. Made exclusively by you this Durbarband will surely make a good impression this Diwali.  

 2. Floral Durbarband 

Flowers are so overrated that they remain underrated. Flowers have this amazing ability to make a room look brighter and smell better at the same time. You can make this easy DIY Durbarband with anything that you would like. Take some flowers or paper and cut this in a beautiful design of whichever flower that you like the best. Voila, your Durbarband is the prettiest of them all.

3. Ganesh & Laxmi Durbarband 

This one requires all of your dedication to making a DIY Durbarband. All you need are some pictures of Lord Ganesh & Goddess Laxmi and material of your choosing and abracadabra there you have it. One perfect Durbarband for this Diwali


4. Bell Durbarband 

This easy peasy baby is just what you need when you think you are running out of ideas to make a DIY Durbarband on Diwali 2020. Different colors of felt or paper with scissors and glue and you become the master of your DIY Durbarband. Impress ‘em all with your great DIY skills. 

5. Diya Durbarband

The exclusive symbol for Diwali, a Diya is just what you need to add to your Durbarband collection this Diwali 2020. All with the same materials this DIY Durbarband won’t even make you work that hard but would look the perfect Durbarband for Diwali to show off your skills. 

6. Bangle Durbarband 

Yup, Bangles are just one of the perfect materials you can use to make a Durbarband this Diwali. We all have some spare or old bangles lying around in the house somewhere. The bangles are yours from the choosing. You have the option to pick a size, width and even color with this one. Without further ado, this one will not take much of your effort or time and make the impression most of all. 

7. 3D Durbarband

All the origami experts out there this one is especially for you. Remember the origami 3D shapes that you can make from cutting paper in different types? This one is that. All you need is some paper, glue, and scissor and there you have it. A perfect DIY Durbarband for Diwali

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8. Geometrical Durbarband 

The name gives it away, doesn’t it? All you need for this Durbarband is to cut any material of your choice into geometrical shapes. Any shape that you like. Cut some smaller pieces of different colors and stick them together on a broad thread and there it is. Your perfect Durbarband for Diwali 2020

9. Re-Usable Cup Durbarband 

Thinking about going eco-friendly this Diwali? Then a Re-usable cup Durbarband is just what you need. We all have these little paper cups which are cute with different patterns on them and boy do they make a perfect Durbarband. Paint something on them if you wish and make them into a perfect DIY Durbarband

10. Sun & Moon Durbarband 

These perfect when you are out of all the cliché options. Sun & Moon represent different phases of the day. A great symbol of light after dark. This Durbarband will turn heads and raise eyebrows. But worry not my friends for they represent great meaning with them. Let’s try something new, shall we? 

Sun and moon Home decor

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These were all of our DIY Durbarband ideas from which you can impress your guests this Diwali 2020. Think we are missing some amazing ones? Tell us in the comments below. Till then keep visiting. Have a very Happy Diwali.


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