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Top 10 Best Lighting Ideas This Diwali 2020

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Every year on Diwali we decorate our homes with different lights and we love all the positive vibes and colours everywhere. But year after year the same pattern of lighting becomes mundane and boring because almost everyone is doing the same thing. 

Best Lighting Ideas This Diwali 2020| Home decor lights for Diwali | Best Diwali Lightings Idea

So, this festival of lights we bring you the gift of lighting ideas that you can use to brighten up your Diwali 2020 a bit more. For some amazing lighting ideas keep reading lovelies. 

1. Stacked Lights

Stacked Lights for  Diwali decoration | Best Diwali Decoration Lighting Ideas

This lighting idea for home decor is easy and bright up your house for Diwali like none before. All you need is to arrange the lights in a pyramid shape in different corners of your home and brighten up the darkest spaces of your home. Welcome your guests, with this perfect lighting idea for Diwali 2020

2. Paper Bag Lanterns 

Paper Bag Lanterns For Diwali | Diwali Home Decor Lights in 2020 | Diwali Decoration Lighting ideas 2020

The most underrated item for any Diwali home decor idea is using paper bags for lanterns. But believe us they are so easy to make and use that you would want to use them again and again. All you need are some paper bags, scissors, and some small candles. Paper Bag Lanterns will be eco-friendly too which makes you a good citizen of the world as well. Greta Thunberg would be proud of you and so would we be. 

3. Bottle Lights 

Bottle Lights Diwali decoration | Bottle lights decor for Diwali | Best decoration bottle lightings Idea

This is one of the perfect lighting ideas for Diwali 2020. All you need is some old bottles you can pick any size of your liking and some fairy lights. There you have it simple, easy and trendy. Look at you saving up this Diwali with perfect Bottle Lights. 

diwali lights for home decor

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4. Lanterns 

Lanterns for Diwali | Diwali decoration lighting Ideas |Lanterns for Diwali decoration

These beauties are the greatest lighting idea for Diwali. Available in different shapes, colours and sizes in the market they just take away your breath. They come in different materials too. Whatever suits you pick whichever goes as per your home decor requirements. 

5. Fairy Lights 

Fairy Lights for Diwali home decoration | Best lights for Diwali decoration ideas 2020 | Diwali decoration lights

These pretty cute small lights are everybody’s wish. I mean, these cuties are used on every occasion. A wedding, a birthday, a romantic anniversary nothing is complete without them. So why not Diwali too? Fairy lights were the trend of 2020 and are among the best lighting ideas for Diwali 2019. 

6. Paper Cup lights 

These easy DIY lights are the perfect combination of not burning a hole in your pockets and keeping it simple on Diwali. All you need are some disposable cups and fairy lights. Combine both of them and with the least effort, you have got a new lighting idea for Diwali

Paper Cup lights for Diwali decoration | Best Diwali decoration Lighting 2020 | latest Diwali lights decoration

7. Electric Diya Stand 

Electric Diya for Diwali Decoration |Lights for Home Decor|best Diwali lights for mandir

We all love these long Diya stands that we see at stages of different ceremonies. But in the era of technology, we have the advantage of having Electric Diya stands for mandir as well as home decor because honestly even if you knock them over you won’t have a ton to clear. So, why not? This Diwali 2020, use this perfect lighting idea as the perfect Diwali Home Decor

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8.Glitter Jar Candles 

Glitter Jar Candles| Home decor lights for Diwali |decorative lights for home

Jar Candles are a thing of past now but fret not people we have glitter jar candles. They are pretty, not messy and fit right into the Diwali vibe. Pretty candles in jars come on people we all dig them. A perfect home decor idea for Diwali 2020 these new babies are sure to get all the great looks for you. 

9.Floating Diya’s 

Floating Diya’s for Diwali  |Best lighting decoration in Diwali 2020 |Diwali home decor lights

Okay we know they are a bit cliché but they are cute. In different colours, shapes, and sizes. These cute little Diya’s are perfect centrepieces for home decor this Diwali. All you need is a bowl of water and some Diya’s of your choosing from the market and voila you made a great Diwali impression. 

10. Decorative Glass Candles 

Decorative Glass Candles |Diwali home decor Glass Candles|Diwali decorative lights

Glass Candles are the staple home decor for Diwali. Anywhere you go, you are bound to find them, they pretty with varieties available from an all you can choose from options. Get one of these and use them as centrepieces or maybe in different corners. 

Here were our top 10 best lighting ideas this Diwali 2020. We hope that you use them this Diwali as part of your home decor. Think we are missing something? Tell us in the comments below. Have a happy & safe Diwali everyone. Till then keep visiting. 


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