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Top 10 Beverages To Greet Guests With This Diwali 2020

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Diwali comes with joy, lights, and guests. Every Diwali we receive a hefty number of guests in our homes. Greeting them and catching up with them is a part of our culture. But with guests comes responsibility. The responsibility of greeting them the right way. By providing them with beverages & foods to make them feel more at home. 

beverages to greet your guest in 2020But serving the same beverages every year on Diwali seems like a bit cliche. But don’t worry we have a solution right here with us. Impress your guests with these top 10 beverages ideas this Diwali 2020. Read on for surprises. 

1. Turmeric Latte/ Chai 

Turmeric Latte has been in the trend for quite some time now. Everyone around the globe has been realizing the benefits of turmeric. With all the ingredients available at home and easy to make a turmeric latte/chai is worth a try for a beverage to greet guests with this Diwali

2. Lassi 

Yup, Lassi is a perfect welcome beverage to greet guests for Diwali. Some people like it sweet and others spicy. We like it both ways. The easiest thing to make at home this Diwali 2020. This beverage is ready to make and can be stored for longer periods so no fuss. 

3. Iced Tea 

There is something about Iced Tea that makes it just so fancy. Easily available in the market this is the perfect beverage to greet guests with. Doing something different this Diwali? go with Iced Tea as a beverage. 


4. Smoothie 

Healthy & tasty all in one. Nothing can beat a natural drink on a perfect occasion. Smoothie as a beverage to greet guests is perfect for those health-conscious people who are not willing to drink or eat anything at your home. This Diwali, make ‘em gym freaks do something they would rather not. 

5. Hot Chocolate 

For those who love chocolate and are not at all concerned about getting fat. This hot beverage to greet guests will not only show them love but also your care. This Diwali 2020 show them you are made of chocolate and are not afraid to share it with them. 

6. Masala Tea 

 The classic beverage to greet guests with on the occasion of Diwali. Masala Tea is loved by all and is everyone’s favorite. Easy to make and perfect for every occasion, this beverage is perfect for your guests made with no hassle.

7. Mojito 

A simple yet perfect mojito is what everyone needs once in a while. With different flavors to make it with; this beverage is the simplicity with grace. Look online for different recipes if you do not want to go with the classic virgin mojito because there are plenty. This Diwali, try a mojito as a beverage to greet your guests with

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8. Fruit Juice 

Another one for the health-conscious people is the option of fruit juice as a beverage to greet guests with. Fresh juices & Packed juices are all at your disposal available in all flavors that you would like. This Diwali, shock them with your great choice of beverage. 

9. Lemonade 

When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade. Try it this Diwali too. This beverage is a perfect beverage to greet guests with. Easy to make and loved by all. It can be sweet; it can be salty and it can be both. There are even other great new recipes of lemonades that you can try for this special occasion. 

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10. Milkshake 

We loved them as children and we still love them as adults. What can we say? A good chocolate milkshake can make anyone happy. Name us a better beverage to greet guests with and we will wait. With any milkshake of your choosing, the floor is yours. This Diwali, give your guests a taste of what it is to be a child again and enjoy a good milkshake even as an adult. 

These were out top 10 beverages to greet guests with for Diwali 2020. We hope that you will try one of these rather than the same beverage for your guests. Which one do you like best? Tell us in the comments below. Have a Happy Diwali. Keep Visiting. 



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