Wednesday, January 25

Buying Waterproof Shade Sails – 6 Factors You Have To Re-think

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Waterproof Shade sails are common outdoors. They protect you against heat. They also guard you against dust. If you want to relax outdoors for hours, shade sails are the right option.

They are lightweight and block the passage of light. These are also available in different materials. You can search for the best waterproof shade sail online for home.

  • You can go for custom made shade sails
  • You can select them in any colour or pattern
  • They can be of different fabric materials

But the selection process is never easy. You have to consider many factors. You will have to select from hundreds of options. Your selection should always be best.

1. Focus on the size of Waterproof Shade sails

How much outdoors do you want to cover? This is an important point to consider. Waterproof shade sails can be any size. The place where you will install the shade will make a difference.

It is advisable to use it to cover the pool area or your garden. You can also use it to cover the main entrance. They may be big or small in size. You have to select the right size and shape.

2. Patio or deck shade

The next factor is to consider the area where you will install it. For the patio, deck or garden, you may not want to select the same sail shade. You will have to consider the colour and print.

For a garden, plain colour is best. But it may not be best for the patio or deck. You can select bold print or floral designs as well. Two coloured waterproof shade sails can be the right choice. It looks elegant.

3. Single or many combinations of Waterproof Shade sails

Try to be more creative. You can combine two or more shades to form a pattern. You can also use one single shade. There is no limitation to the creativity factor.

If the area is big you may never want to use a single shade sail. It can get damaged with ease. Using two or more shades will make it more durable. It will look stylish as well.

4. Adjustable type

You may not want the shade to fix at one position. You can select an adjustable type. You can rotate the shade during the daytime to adjust it to the right direction.

Good quality waterproof shade sails are easy to adjust. You can stretch it or rotate it. This is more helpful. 

5. Consider the right time to use

You may not want to use the shade full time. You will be outdoors during the morning or noon. Based on this your selection will change. For evening times you can select one that is light colour and weight.

For the afternoon you may need one that will cut out most sunlight. For rainy weather, you may need waterproof shade sails. They all are not the same.

6. Select the right shape for Waterproof Shade sails

Sails can be square or circular. They can be in any shape. You will have to select one that offers the best coverage. Do not make a random choice.

Selecting shade sails is never easy. There are many factors that you have to consider.



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