Tuesday, January 31

A Complete Guide To a 1 Year MBA Programme

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Why Students go for MBA?

An MBA course is always a trend. Requirements of various jobs and sectors these days have made MBA a benchmark degree. Students always try to gear up their education on their resume through MBA. To study a 1-year MBA in Singapore is a dream for many students, and they achieve it to get the best placement throughout the world. In Singapore, you can pursue highly ranked and the top MBA programmes.

Some Benefits of MBA in Singapore

There are various advantages of pursuing an MBA from Singapore which is listed below.
  • You can gain deep knowledge and real-world insights through the practical business models in this 1 year MBA programme.
  • Not only you will get to study from the top lecturers of the world, but also the opportunities that are open to mid-level professionals are exceptional. 
  • You will get the much required global exposure if you study MBA from Singapore. 
  • You will open up to a wide network to connect and interface, which will bring you closer to the best global practices. 
  • The innovative pedagogy, practical learning methods, and diversity will all add up in boosting your career to a greater extent after pursuing a 1 year MBA in Singapore.

Save Your Time With This Program

Taking out 2 years of your career could be quite challenging and risky. Since the competition is quite high, the two year MBA programmes would enhance the risk for your career. Not to forget, high tuition fees and other income would also be a burden. Keeping all this in mind, many aspirants around the globe keep their eyes on the 1 year MBA program. Singapore, the island country, brings numerous excellent opportunities and options in this manner.

Why Singapore For MBA?

Singapore is an excellent place for you to pursue international MBA programmes.  The programs vary from 12 to 16 months and are quite affordable. Since this is only a 1-year program and Singapore comes among the top MBA providing countries, it is quite competitive. Some of these universities require high work experience. But this varies from university to university. 

Students will get a chance to be a part of live strategy projects where they will learn to work upon and deal with real-life strategic challenges that some particular organizations present. You will be able to take up leadership roles and activities anywhere in the world. 

Healthy Exposure and Diversity

You will be a part of international educational trips and tours throughout the world. Such experiences are essential for overall growth and development and enhance learning skills and leadership qualities. You will learn how to accept ambiguity, embrace uncertainty, and acknowledge the different natures of the market and organizations. 

You will get to gain knowledge and experience from the highly experienced and high calibre individuals that hail from diverse backgrounds and have international expertise. Your perspective will be broadened and you will become an excellent and effective leader in your business troop.

Why Choose A One-Year MBA Program?

There are more opportunities for quick MBAs at prestigious institutes in Singapore. This program is perfectly designed for business leaders who do not want to waste an extra year of their career. You will get a flexible approach in one year MBA from most of the top universities so it is much better than the regular MBA Programmes.


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