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Top 10 Diya Rangoli Design Images for Diwali 2020!

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Diwali is a festival of lights & is celebrated on the occasion of Lord Ram returning from exile of 14 years. Diwali festival is celebrated all over the world with different styles. Rangoli completes the whole Diwali celebration. Everyone wants to make attractive latest Diwali rangoli designs. Here are some Diya Rangoli Design Images for Diwali 2020.

Rangoli with diya | Diya Rangoli Designs

Are you looking for the latest rangoli designs for Diwali 2020?  

If yes, today we have added for you some latest new easy and simple diya rangoli designs for Diwali 2020. During this time everyone finds the latest beautiful Diwali rangoli design ideas. Clay lamps are an important part of Diwali decoration. So, try to make beautiful rangoli designs with different rangoli colours on the special occasion of Diwali 2020

List of Diya Rangoli Design Images Diwali 2020

1. Alpona Diya rangoli design art

Alpona diya rangoli design art | Diya Rangoli Designs

Diya Rangoli Designs

2. Beautiful Rangoli design with colour powder & decorated with wax Diya | Rangoli around Diya

Beautiful Rangoli design with color powder & decorated with wax Diya | Rangoli around Diya

Rangoli Around Diya

3. Diya design with beautiful Rangoli Designs | Diya in Rangoli

10 diya rangoli design images for diwali 2020 | latest diya rangoli designs

Diya design with beautiful Rangoli Designs

4. Diya Rangoli Designs With Flowers |  Flower Diya Rangoli

flower rangoli with diya | diya rangoli designs

Flower Rangoli Designs with Diya

Flower Rangoli Designs | Latest rangoli designs

Flower Rangoli Designs

5. Peacock Rangoli | Diwali rangoli design

Peacock Rangoli designs | Simple Diwali Rangoli Designs

Peacock Rangoli designs

Peacock feather rangoli design | Diya Rangoli Designs

Peacock Rangoli designs | simple rangoli designs

Paint Diya for attractive Rangoli Design idea on Diwali 2020

Colourful diya design | Diwali Decor

Painted diya | diya diwali designs

6. Rangoli design with Diwali Diya Candles| Diwali Decor

Diwali Diya candles| diya design 2020

7. Diya Rangoli Designs With Dots| Easy & Simple Rangoli Designs on Diwali

Diya Rangoli Designs with dots| Diya Designs 2020

8. Easy & Simple Diya Rangoli Designs |  Rangoli Designs On This Diwali Occasion

Easy & simple diya rangoli designs| Diwali 2020

rangoli colour design | Diwali rangoli designs

Rangoli around diya| Diwali Diya Designs 2020

9. Diya Design With Rangoli Coloured Powders

Diya design with rangoli coloured Powder|Diya rangoli design 2020

10. Diwali rangoli Diya Designs| Diwali 2020

Diwali Rangoli Diya Designs| Diwali Diya designs 2020

Many artificial Rangoli design wall & floor stickers are available on Amazon.

Floor Door Sticker | Diya rangoli design images

Amazon button| Dhanteras 2020

PVC Religion Floor Sticker Multicolour| diya rangoli design 2020

Amazon button| Dhanteras 2020

Floor Decoration for Diwali |Peacock design

Amazon button| Dhanteras 2020

Happy Diwali festival celebrated with Eco- Friendly & beautiful Diya Rangoli Design Images for Diwali 2020. Best wishes to all of you, and I hope this Diwali is safe for everyone. Enjoy Diwali rangoli designs in 2020.
Happy Diwali 2020!

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