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Top 10 Eco-Friendly Rangoli Design Ideas For Home This Diwali 2020

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In the 21st generation, Environment is our very first concern. Everything that we do concerns the environment. And why should it not, we are the generation who will do everything in their power to save the environment after the way we have received it. Greta Thunberg is one such very powerful example. 

Every product that we use can be bought as an eco-friendly alternative product version. Many of us are contributing in little ways. From our homes to our offices we do everything we can to save the environment. But some problems are unavoidable like rangoli design ideas. Sure, everyone uses herbal colours but they can be a little expensive and rangoli can be a bit of hit and try and try again. Don’t worry we have come up with extraordinary rangoli design ideas for home this Diwali 2020.

Here we have for you the Top 10 Eco-Friendly Rangoli design Ideas For Home as an alternative to traditional ways.

Read on for some unconventional ideas my friends and contribute some more to the environment’s safety.

1. Petals 

 Simple Rangoli Designs For Diwali|New Rangoli Designs 2020|Rangoli Images


This is one of the most famous rangoli design ideas for home decoration. One of the most common eco-friendly ways to make rangoli is by using Petals. You have different vibrant colours with different sizes of petals and different designs to choose from. For home rangoli decoration ideas, this does serve the purpose and pretty well too. 

2. Diya 

Yes, Diya you are correct my friend. With all kinds of Diya’s available in the market, with pretty designs and vibrant colours that it is pretty easy to choose from. And they are perfect for other uses on Diwali too. There are so many rangoli designs available on the internet that you can make on Diwali 2020

Diya Rangoli design for Diwali 2020

3. Play Dough 

Play doh For Kids|Play doh Clay|Play Dough|Play Clay

Did it blow your mind and left you gaping at your screen? Everybody loved play dough while they were young, who says you cannot have that right now too? You know you still love playing with that colourful, soft dough. Unconventional way right? Try out it’ll be real fun as a Diwali 2020 idea. 

4. Coloured Stones 

Diwali house Decoration|Coloured Stones For Decoration |Pebbles Stone

Take your time to think about it. These are not hard to find neither are they expensive. Paint some stones pick some of the different sizes and arrange them into a beautiful pattern of your choice. When it comes to home and garden decoration we should not forget Pebbles creates extra value in festivals.   Diwali is all about fun and Diwali 2020 should be no different. This would be a perfect Rangoli Decoration for Diwali

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5. Herbal Colors 

Rangoli|Simple Rangoli Designs For Diwali |Diwali Rangoli |Easy Rangoli Design

Let’s appreciate the elephant in the room. Herbal Colors are the highest order eco-friendly rangoli design idea for Diwali. They are easy to use, expensive yes but we have a good hand at using them. Some of us are even experts at them thanks to all those years of rangoli making on Diwali. Choose your favourite design and paint the floor red or any other colour you like.

6. Leaves 

Simple Rangoli Designs|Simple And Easy Rangoli Designs For Home|Flower Rangoli

Banana leaves are perfect for a Ganpati Rangoli Design. You might even have had a sneak of those images available online. And to use this as an Home Rangoli Decoration will give your employees major out of the box thinking vibes. Motivation plus celebration. This Diwali 2020 give it a try. 

7. Flowers 

Flower Design Rangoli |Fresh Flowers Rangoli Designs|Simple Flower Rangoli

No, we are not talking about petals we are talking full flower buds and fully flowered flowers. The big guns and flowers. You don’t have to take the traditional marigold ones you have a full sea to choose from or rather a full field. They will be perfect for office rangoli decoration this Diwali with a beautiful design.

8. Colored Rice 

Simple Rangoli Design |Rangoli |Simple And Easy Rangoli Designs For Home|

Another out of the box way to make rangoli is by using coloured rice. You know you can’t indulge in those carbs because of your gym diet but who says they can’t be used in rangoli making. Get them out and maybe soak them in some edible dye and make them in a pretty design for a great Rangoli Decoration for Diwali

9. Coloured Flour 

Rangoli |Rangoli Design For Diwali|Flour Rangoli Design

Coloured flour works as a great alternative for rangoli colours. Especially the coloured flour which is easy to work with. Try this not so expensive way of making a rangoli design this Diwali which is eco-friendly as well. 

10. Paper Quill 

Quilling Art| Quilling Designs |Quilling | Paper Quilling Designs| Quilling Paper Crafts

Drumroll, please. We know you would be thinking that how can someone make a rangoli using Paper Quill. We have the answer right here. All you need is some paper quilling kit, a piece of soft cardboard, some glue and double-sided tape. Make a beautiful rangoli design out of the kit and paste it on cardboard and that cardboard on the floor with double-sided tape. Try this eco-friendly rangoli design for decoration this Diwali 2020.

Here are our top 10 eco-friendly rangoli ideas for home this Diwali. We hope that you liked them. Think you have a better way to contribute to our environment this Diwali? Tell us in the comments below. Happy Diwali 2020 to all of you. May this Diwali be as joyous and beautiful as your heart.


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