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Top 10 Friendship Day Gift For Friend | Friendship Day 2020

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Happy Friendship Day Gifts!!!!

It’s back again! Our favourite time of celebration (other than our birthday).  Friendship Day is back. It’s just around the corner and god are we not excited to have another excuse to spend more time with our friends (even though we were with them just yesterday) but duh! 

Happy Friendship Day

But with great friendship comes a great responsibility of finding the right gift for our friends. Everybody gifts cards and bracelets but we have moved on from them haven’t we? So here we list the top 10 friendship day gifts for your friends to maintain those long friendships for so many more years to come. Get Ready for selecting your gift among this list of top 10 friendship day gifts for friends.

1. Scratch World Map

Storage Organizers For Friendship day

If your friend has a pure wanderlust for travel and adventures then this comes as a perfect gift for them. This beautiful map with all the countries of the world can be scratched to mark which countries have been visited. Plus it looks colourful so you have motivation enough to go on another trip. This can be turn to be your friendship day gift to your friends.

2. All Things Storage Organizers

Storage Organizers gift for friendship day

Is your friend messy and lazy at keeping things organized? Well, don’t worry we got your back. This Friendship day just gets them an All Things Storage Organizers. You can find plenty online and maybe in your local markets as well. And bingo they will also look good in your friends’ walls so you can rise in the eyes of their parents as well. 

3. Incense Burner

Incense Burner For Friendship Day

This one may sound odd but believe me, this is not what it sounds like. Incense burners nowadays come in different designs like a lotus or a sitting calm Buddha which just adds to the cuteness. This kind of gift marks the years that your friendship has come through from childhood besties to adulthood besties. 

4. Personalized Salt and Pepper Shaker

Personalized Salt and Pepper Shaker For Friendship Day

These things just keep on getting cuter. One can find all shapes of salt and pepper shakers in the markets these days. You can even find some cute elephant and pig shakers which are oh so cute! They will also signify the spice in your friendship and make a totally out of the box gift on this friendship day. 

5. Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads For Friendship Day

Let’s give another gift during friendship day which is totally out of the box. I personally so love these bobbleheads because they are fun to play with when you are bored. Bobbleheads come in different shapes and varieties like action figures, animals and your favourite sports player as well so go ahead and give it a try. 

6. Chocolate Bouquet 

Chocolate Bouquet  For Friendship Day

One of the greatest gifts of all the time. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this. I mean who does not love a good Chocolate Bouquet. Fill this with both of your favourite chocolates and ravish in the goodness of chocolate together in the spirit of your friendship

7. Personalized Cushions 

Personalized Cushions For Friendship Day

Another one of the perfect gifts for friendship day is Personalized cushions. You can have them personalized by you and your besties name or with different designs which are so many to choose from. They are also helpful when you guys want to have a pillow fight plus a great gift. 

8. Tea Infuser

Tea Infuser for friendship day

If your friend is a tea lover then this might be one of the perfect gifts for them. Everyone gets bored of the old tea bags but here we are with a total upgrade to them. Tea Infusers are a new trend and tend to be useful. Go ahead and get one of these for your tea lover friend because they will be surprised and happy at the same time. 

9. 3D Keychains 

Keychain for friendshipday

Remember all the keychains which we kept seeing on our Instagram feeds with a 3D figure of our favourite GOT character and Marvel characters. Every one of us wanted to buy them. So go ahead and treat your friend and yourself with one of these and maybe buy a Captain America and Iron Man one to show your friendship. 

10. Mugs

These old school babies never go out of fashion and are a total universal gift. You can gift mugs with beautiful designs and shapes to everybody around you. One can get Angel mugs, Unicorn Mugs, and even Pig Mugs which add perfectly as a Friendship Day gift for your friends. Plus they don’t feel heavy on your pocket when you go out to buy them. 

Friendship Day Gift

So, here are the top 10 friendship day gifts that you can gift your friends. Think we are missing some amazing gifts on our list. Go ahead and communicate with us in the comments section below. Till then keep visiting. 

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