Tuesday, January 31

Top 10 Gifts For Kanjak Available On Amazon

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Every girl simply loves Kanjak. It’s Indian Christmas for us! for we get so many gifts and oh! the money. Sadly, we never get to keep it, but Kanjak is still our favorite time.

But since everyone grows up their time to sit for the Navaratri pooja ends and they have to organize it for others. Surely, we know all the gifts by heart but the busy schedule hardly leaves any time for any of us to go shopping. 

The only alternative is Online shopping. But who has the time to look at the endless list of online products and fit them into the budget? But hey! Don’t worry. We got you. 

Here’s a list of the top 10 things you can buy as Kanjak Gifts on Amazon without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Hair Clips 

Every girl loves to style their hair and while we are still young, we get the chance to wear designer Hair clips. Plus, this kanjak gift on Amazon is available under just 350. Great deal, right? 

  • Lunch Box Combo 

The classic gift of a Lunch Box Combo is the perfect Kanjak Gift. Amazon sells this amazing lunch box combo with a water bottle and pencil box just for 249? Hold my drink!

  • Zipper Purses 

Every little girl dreams of having as many purses and bags she can have. Even as adults this idea appeals to us more than anything. As a Kanjak Gift on Amazon, you get a great deal of 3 Zipper purses just under 350! 

  • Piggy Banks 

Saving money is such a big task that we have not achieved it even as adults. So why not start early? A piggy bank is one gift that we want as children because of the wide variety. Plus, on amazon, this kanjak gift can be bought under 550 with a set of 6 pieces.   

  • Pencil and Photo Stand Combo 

The pencil stand and photo frame combo is a new concept as kanjak gifts. But trends change right? This Navratri buys this Pencil and Photo Stand as a Kanjak gift on Amazon under 500 for 6 pieces. 

Pencil and Photo Stand Combo| Kanjak Gift

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  • Stationery Set 

The most relevant gift for any child on Navratri is a stationary set. Luckily, for us, Amazon has this amazing stationary set of 13 under 500 as a Kanya puja gift. It has all the essential stationery items a schoolchild child would need. Perfect right? 

  • Pencil Box/ Pouch

Another stationery item to gift as a kanjak gift is a pencil box/ pouch. As a kanjak gift on amazon, you can buy this Pencil Box/ Pouch set of 5 for just Rs. 249 this Navratri


  • Play Dough 

No matter how old you are, playdough never gets old! Everybody loves to play dough. And that is why playdough makes one of a kind of kanjak gift for Navratri. Amazon offers playdough in a set of 12 just under 200.

  • Lock Diaries 

A perfect gift for Navratri is Diaries, especially the ones with locks. And they are better when they come with locks. Keeping private things private. Amazon offers kanjak gifts of lock diaries in a pack of diaries just for 500. 

Kids Dairy| Kanya Puja Gifts

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  •  Microwave safe plastic bowls

One of the oldest gifts in the book of kanjak gifts is the Microsoft Safe Plastic Bowls. One has to look no further than their kitchen for this kanjak gift for Navratri. They come at a pretty reasonable price as kanjak gifts on amazon. Just under 500 for 12 pieces.

Microwave Safe Plastic Bowls| Kanjak Gifts

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We hope that we have included all of the Kanjak gifts that you can buy. Think we could have included some more gifts? Tell us in the comments below. Have a Happy Navratri and keep visiting! 







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