Wednesday, January 25


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I hope you guys are well and becoming a constant learner and craving for new activities and struggles. Here, I brought some very aspiring and inspiring goals for you. It is one of the most used quotes which states that “books are our best friends.”

We all somehow come in contact with books, even when we don’t wanna, but someone is a book reader and others are not.

We all care about this conspiracy theories in the books which end up inspiring us. And some of just want books to see those images, I was that one. But one day, when I started reading these books, which are the hot-selling books on amazon, made my life topsy turvy. Now, I crave for new books but I prefer them to be hot-selling on amazon.

 Let me tell you one thing: books are the cure for our wounds. So, let me tell you to top 10 hot-selling books on Amazon, which are the best and helped me in my worst times:

  • Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age Hardcover 

This book heals our brain, our real-life problems, all related to mental health. It explains about the brain, not in a scientific way. It states ways in which our mental health could change from worst to best. It was launched on 5 January 2021 and now, it is a hot-selling book on amazon in just a couple of days. Go, check it out! Before the copies finish and you’re not able to catch this hot-selling book written by a doctor, yes you read it, right doctor.

  • 1984  

It is a literary work of art. The narration in this hot-selling book is engrossing and intriguing. It is a very popular science fiction book, which created a special place in reader’s hearts. In this book, the imaginary is amazing and the reason why it became hot selling is that it never gets old. You can read it in your youth or later, but still, it will directly touch your heart.

  • A Promised Land T

His book is about truth and real life. Some people find it boring because not everybody likes to listen to the truth, but the truth in this hot-selling book explains the racism and his struggles. It is something we all have somehow seen differences in our life. I believe that the books speaking truths is the first reason why they become hot sellers, as truth can’t be hidden forever.

  • We Were Liars 

This book is very astonishing and it left people crying. This book has its own vibe, sorrows and happiness. It is the most recommended book in the hot-selling books on amazon. I find this book very spectacular. This book leaves us with questions, but if we look deeper, they are hidden in it. Check these books, they deserve the best, which is yet to come.

  • The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse 

Somehow, the most simple books with ordinary words leave us speechless. This book is based on heartfelt incidents and we all will somehow relate with it. It talks about goodness, simple friendship, acceptance and hope, all the positive impacts we need in our life.

  • The Removed

It gives the extraordinary taste of literature. I am out of words for these hardworking authors trying their best for their books. These books with hard work deserve to be in the hot-selling books.

This book is full of honesty and pain. This book is one of my personal favourites because its flow is amazing. This book requires processing and connecting with emotions.

  • On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth 

This book is extraordinary and has a great shows us how we can correct our own mistakes and learn from them and stop repeating them in future.

The author has an inquisitive knowledge about this subject and with the best lesson of life: mistakes, this helped him to make into the hot-selling books. This book deserves a read.

  • The Four Agreements 

This book is about life and teaches us our life lessons. This book deserves a read because somehow we need to break those myths and our own conspiracy theories.  This book will teach you some life reasons which will help you to keep it together. 

  • Untamed

This book will leave you crying because it gives you reassurance, which plays a major role in our lives. It tells us that we are not wrong on any page of our life. It is very motivational, it will make you realise that feeling a lot of emotions on any point of life is not wrong. It teaches you more about yourself. These are the reasons it became hot selling and I guess this book deserves it.

  • Let That Sh*t Go

It is a journal book but with motivational and inspiring quotes. When life is moving rough, these quotes help us to uplift our mood. These journals are the best for the new year as it will help you in writing and being motivated. These hot selling journals are the best way to learn and express yourself.

These are the books that I found interesting, inspiring and emotional. These books captured a special place in my heart. And I thought of sharing with you all because, in lockdown, we can develop new hobbies and see more to life. 

Do check out these books and tell me your favourite books in the comment section!!


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