Thursday, January 26

How to Gain Google Local Pack SERP Features?

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Getting your company featured in Google’s local pack, Google Snack Pack, or Google Maps Pack may improve the number of visits to your store, increase sales,  foot traffic, and ultimately revenue. If you want to gain google local pack SERP features and understand which Google local Pack strategies and features can help you rank better in location-based search results, this article is for you.

Google’s Local Pack or Local Finder is the way to get your business information at the top of search engine results. Google’s search algorithms are no longer limited to the exact search term and now do a great job of matching search intent.

Google My Business is being integrated more and more with other datasets available on the web. Google chooses from data it trusts to populate its Map Pack and Local Finder. In which user-generated content is submitted to your GMB listing along with your content. 

What are Google Local Packs?

The google local pack generally shows up when a search query has local intent. Since the results depend on where the searcher is located, this feature is beneficial for local businesses, such as “near me”, or a location they search for the instance city name. Local packs act as a map near your location, with three results listed below. The map helps in showing each result’s location, while each result has more information such as an address, business hours, and ratings.

Why are Local Packs important?

Google local packs can increase the number of customers to your store Studies suggest that 50% of local searches on a mobile device result in either a call or a visit to the business within 24 hours. Voice search is gaining popularity nowadays, especially with local intent. Google local packs take up more space on mobile than on desktop.

What is SERP Features?

Google’s local pack SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) has been the new buzz nowadays  It’s unlikely the earlier days  when the results page would simply display ten blue links when you search for something, 

With ever-growing information on the internet, it’s becoming difficult to provide the best and most relevant content. SERP features are Google’s innovation of providing users with the most relevant information in the quickest way possible.  

When you type “SEO” in Google search engine, you’ll see ads, a featured snippet, top news stories, local maps, related questions, and more. You will have to scroll down the page before reaching the first organic result on the page.

Why is SERP Features important?

We all know that it is important to rank no.1 for SEO. But if the top third of the page is taken up by other sites chosen by Google’s various SERP features, how can you make sure that your website would have a chance of appearing as a SERP feature?

Hence it is crucial to know which SERP features are available for your keywords to determine how much value they’ll add to your SEO efforts. For example, are there any paid ads or a google local pack that might boost your sales?

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How can you target SERP Features?

Now we know a little bit about google local pack SERP features so now let us understand how to gain SERP features and what’s the best way to target them?

It is advisable to build your SEO strategy with a keyword rank checker, this software shows which SERP features are available for your target keywords, for example, if there are paid ads or featured snippets, that may boost, or reduce your organic traffic.

It’s then possible to check keywords and optimize them in order to target SERP features that are useful for you. For example, you might be an agency with a client owning a number of local businesses selling fruits which wants to appear as the top result in a local pack when people search for a local fruit delivery store.


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