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Top 10 Ways To Make Independence Day 2020 Pollution Free

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Happy Independence day 2020!!

Each year 15th August is celebrated as the Independence Day of India. The day, first observed in 1947 signifies the independence that India got after years of struggle and slavery under British Rule giving us a free India. Over the years the face of free India has changed by various factors such as technology, fashion, and legislature. 

Happy independence day 2020

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The one thing we have not achieved freedom from is pollution. All these years, our government has tried hard to make that possible but alas we have lost that battle. This Independence Day 2020, we want to help all of us win this battle by doing as much as we can and here we are with some tips on the same. 

  • Say NO to plastic flags

Every year Indian citizens buy thousands of plastic flags that are hoisted on windows and gates of different buildings. This Independence Day 2020 let us say no to these plastic flags because all of us know how harmful plastic is to our environment. One plastic item can take up to 1000 years to decompose, just imagine how much time thousands of flags will take to decompose? 

  • Integrated Flag Hoisting Ceremony

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Instead of hoisting and using plastic flags at different locations, we can choose an alternative option of celebrating an integrated flag hoisting ceremony. Most of us have heard of these integrated flag hoisting ceremonies on Independence day but not all of us attend them. This Independence Day 2020 let us save our planet by attending one of those and maybe we will see a difference. 

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  • Rangoli with Organic Colors

On every occasion people make beautiful colourful rangolis at homes, schools or offices but what happens to this beautiful colourful rangolis afterwards? Where do the colours go? Not all of those beautiful colours are eco-friendly, many of them are toxic and harm the environment. Why don’t we take a step and use some eco-friendly colors this Independence Day 2020 and contribute towards a better Independence Day? 

  • Safer Kite Flying 

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The colourful kites that fill the sky during Independence Day are the most beautiful sight to see but it is also one of the most dangerous problems that we face during Independence Day. The synthetic manjha that is used while flying these kites pose a major problem as they cause accidents and even deaths in some cases. This manjha is especially harmful to birds as they get entangled in the strings and die. This Independence Day 2020 use a biodegradable manjha and contribute to a pollution-free Independence day. 


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  • No Loudspeakers 

Feeling patriotic on Independence Day is normal but let’s not forget our duty to the environment. All of us have heard patriotic songs being blasted on speakers during Independence Day but we often forget that they contribute to noise pollution. This Independence Day 2020 let us try to keep those volumes down a notch and contribute some more. 

  • Use reusable plates, cups, and utensils 

Every celebration deserves a party. Are you hosting a party this Independence Day 2020? Try using biodegradable or reusable plates, cups, and other utensils. Using reusable or biodegradable utensils won’t only help you from using plastic but would also help all of you celebrate a pollution-free Independence Day. 

  • Carpool 

Going to an Independence Day party? Try carpooling with your friends and save fuel as well as contribute to saving the day. Fewer vehicles on the road prevent air pollution which makes it to a pollution-free Independence Day. Be the hero of the day and carpool. 

  • Clean Up the litter 

After the Independence Day party is over the only work left to do is clean up the litter from the party. Many of us throw the garbage in a nearby dump in piles exposed which makes a breeding ground for diseases with a foul smell. This Independence Day 2020 try to separate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste and put them in sacks. This will prevent flies to form a breeding ground and animals eating from plastic from the dump and dying because of it. 

  • Non Toxic Body Paint 

Are you one of those people who like to body paint yourself with the colours of the tricolour flag? Did you know that most of that body paint is toxic and can not only give you rashes but can also poison the oceans and seas when washed off? This Independence Day 2020 try using nontoxic body paint which will neither harm you nor the world down under. 

  • Take a pledge 

Last but not the very least, this Independence Day 2020 take a pledge to protect the environment better. Take a pledge to protect your environment by not using plastic bags, recycling items as much as possible and try not to litter. This Independence Day 2020 take this pledge and promise to make your country a better place free from pollution. 

We hope that these tips can help you celebrate a pollution-free Independence Day. Happy Independence Day from our side and enjoy Independence Day 2020 with sky-high spirits. Till then keep visiting. 


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