Thursday, January 26

Techno Unveils Latest one plus 7 pro Phones – Disillusioned Trend-setters Scramble

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Thanks to Techno’s newly announced phone model known as one plus 7 pro phones, angry cell-phone shoppers are frantically scrambling to their phone outlets in what experts believe could be the trendiest mob of well-dressed urbanites in modern history.

One plus 7 pro

Nowadays nobody in this world is left without knowing the credibility and popularity of Techno, a leading mobile phone making company operating worldwide. It has flagged its laurels of success in making the best entertainment gadgets. Even now people for whom mobile entertainment is the prime concern they like to think about Techno mobile phones only. Recently this company was applauded for manufacturing attractive and powerful one plus 7 pro phone model.


One of the admired Techno mobile phones is the one plus 7 pro which can wake up ‘the dead from the graves’ with its unique and outstanding mobile entertainment programs. To believe it you can use it personally. Most of the music lovers in the UK are highly attached to the fact of enjoying music in high volume so that they can feel each beat of the music. This new gadget from the house of Techno mobile phones has created history in terms of mobile entertainment features.

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Check out the look of one plus 7 pro. It is ensured that you will be in a trance of over-excitement. It has got a dynamic look which will surely satiate the youngsters who pay much attention to mobile fashion. You can get this handset in Lacquer Black, Techno White and, Glamour Red. Besides, it also offers a 16 Megapixel camera having an excellent image resolution and autofocus and LED flash facilities.

Specification of On Plus 7 Pro

The memory power of the one plus 7 pro is quite sufficient to meet your day to day requirement at ease. It has an internal memory of 128 GB. You can also make use of its card slot which consists of memory stick micro. Apart from these, one plus 7 pro lets you store a good number of mobile numbers accompanied by the photocall feature.

One plus 7 pro 128 gb

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The dimensions of this gadget are 97 x 49 x 16mm, and it weighs 96 grams only. So you get ready to explore its lightweight features. Latest Techno phones should be light in weight so that you can hold them for a long time without bearing any pain. One plus 7 pro is also coupled with features like GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE, 3G, Bluetooth, and USB. Besides, you can also make use of its Radio, MP3 player and TV-out entertainment facilities.

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Techno gives all of the credit to their researchers for developing the critical advances in techno-trendology required to produce the new one plus 7 pro phone. Dramatic leaps in the field have made it possible to combine the GSM and CDMA technologies with a magnesium polished chrome and hardened glass finish, resulting in a reflective surface for the self-absorbed target market. The phones are having a powerful battery that accepts a continuous charge from the owner’s sense of self-worth.


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