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Top 10 Magical destinations to spend Christmas Day 2020

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Christmas is the day that holds all time together. Christmas is the most delightful time of the year. The cities around the world become floodlighted with numbers of lights, the air gets scented with hot wine, Christmas grace and holiday spirit.

The places which bring lights in your mood and heart are the well-spent holiday destinations. Some magical destinations bring calmness and hush in our spirit.

From Las Vegas, the USA to Santa Claus Village, Lapland, Finland and northern lights to sunny skies,

These 10 magical destinations celebrate Christmas Day 2020 better than the rest.

  1. Las Vegas, USA

 During December, the city of entertainment becomes a Christmas display. All the restaurants and hotels get adorned and Bellagio displays a beautiful Christmas event. At this time of the year, Famous fountains dance to the holiday carols. The magical destination for Chritsmas is Bellagio, Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall, Lake Las Vegas.

  1. Quebec, Canada

The city is famous as one of the most European-like towns in North America. During the Christmas time, Quebec becomes decorated with the sparkling Christmas lights and decorations. It is especially idyllic to wander in the Old Quebec’s streets, covered with snow and lights of holiday spirit. Old Quebec, Place Royale, Rue Saint Joseph is the magical destination to enjoy Christmas in a better way.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Christmas lights are associated with Japan. Although not only Christians but Japanese also arranged to recreate the spirit of this day. All the Malls participate to make the best Christmas display.  Starlight Garden in the midtown of Japan is the best destination to visit as it is enveloped with numerous lights. Roppongi Hill, Tokyo midtown, Ginza, Shinjuku and Yurakucho are amazing destinations in Christmas.

  1. Sydney, Australia

From Interactive Christmas Choir in Pitt Street Mall, Christmas decoration on the Sydney Town Hall walls, to the amazing decorations on Queen Victoria Building makes the city a magical Christmas place. Although it is summer in this part of the World. On Christmas, the magical places to visit are Queen Victoria Building, St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Hall Town.

  1. Vilnius, Lithuania

The streets of Vilnius sparkle with lights during the month of November and December. In the Cathedral Square, the main Christmas tree is made and all the trees around the street are also decorated with Christmas lights. Ice-skating rink and Lukiskiu Square Christmas Market entertain locals and visitors. The best destinations in Lithuania are Cathedral Square, Lukiskiu Square, Town Hall and Gedimino Avenue.

  1. Amsterdam, The Netherland

Santa Claus visits the town in November during a very delightful parade called Sinterklaas. In Plantage, the Light Festival displays amazing artworks, which also hang above the Canal. Markets with fully embellished Christmas spirit amuses locals. The destinations of Netherland are Dam Square, Plantago, Westergasfabriek and Amstelpark.

7. Paris, France 

Paris, the city of love, gets decorated with romance during the Christmas time. The Eiffel Tower Becomes more beautiful than ever, the streets and boulevards shimmer with the strings of lights in this time. The Skating rink near to it also attracts in the evenings. The scenic destinations of France are Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, Markets in Champs and Montmartre.

Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, markets in Champs Elysees and Montmartre.

8 Cologne, Germany

The hometown of mulled wine is popular for the thousands of Christmas markets. A beautiful decorated Christmas tree is placed next to the Cathedral and surroundings get filled with the delicious scent of German grace. The remarkable places in Germany are Cologne Cathedral, Cologne’s Old Christmas Market, Neumarkt, Rudolfplatz and Christmas Market at Stadtgarten.  

9 London, England          

You will see a traditionally themed Christmas display in Covent Garden, While Rudolf is decorated with the lights in Piazza. The streets and roads are sparkling in December, which makes the visitors an enjoyable experience. Covent Garden, Piazza, Globe, and Trafalgar Square are the scenic places on Christmas days.

10. Santa Claus Village, Lapland, Finland

 The village enters Arctic circles and the visitors get to experience a winter season, and also they visit Santa Claus themselves. The main attraction is the opportunity to take pictures with Santa. There are numerous restaurants and shops which are themed for Christmas.

These are some of the best travel destinations around the world to celebrate Christmas Day 2020.


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