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Do you love traveling and looking to explore some international destinations? 

Today, let us talk about traveling to the most beautiful and elegant destination at affordable prices to create some new memories after the pandemic. Just like me, I guess you love to travel, see the world and explore it. 

The smell of a new country, nature, beautiful trains, etc just steals our hearts away. But some people don’t like traveling and have an interest in arts, history, live performances, etc. I brought something very special and close to my heart, TAOS PUEBLO, a native American city located near New Mexico. It’s such a difficult decision to find a perfect place for an overwhelming vacation. 

Here I am, always there to help you, so I have listed down the top 10 places to visit in Taos pueblo or things to do in Taos pueblo, so you don’t miss anything and have a fresh start to your vacation!

So, let’s begin our search for the top 10 places to visit in Taos Pueblo 

1. Taos Plaza

When we talk about places to visit in Taos pueblo, Taos plaza will top the charts. Many people out there might have not heard about Taos Plaza, but let me tell you a secret, Taos plaza is the heart of Taos Pueblo. 

You know how important it is for me to explore the country, but I love to shop and see unique structures. And Taos plaza has covered it all, it has the best shopping items and the most beautiful monuments. 

It is in the Downtown Historic District in Taos, New Mexico. Taos plaza offers live shows, concerts, and all the entertainment shows covered for their visitors. This is one of the highly recommended places to visit in Taos Pueblo.

 2. Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

The next on the list of places to visit in Taos pueblo is Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. It is a steel deck arch bridge across the Rio Grande Gorge, 10 miles northwest of Taos, New Mexico. 

This bridge, oh my god my heart melts while writing this, it provides the most significant view. If you’re a nature lover or a viewer, and you didn’t visit it, sorry to say your vacation was not fully planned. 

When in Taos Pueblo visiting this destination is a must. Some decisions should be spontaneous and I bet you won’t regret this. Imagine walking on this side of a steel deck bridge and seeing the views, the clouds, and the skies. This can be one of the best things to do in Taos Pueblo.

3. Taos Art Museum

The museum aims to improve awareness of the works and patronage of Taos artists and to nurture local artistic development. Are you an artist?

I don’t know if you are or not, but definitely, you’re an explorer. The museums show the best art of their citizens or the artists. Those paintings stuck on the wall but speaking a million words. The silence of a painting speaks but to listen, it’s necessary to view it. It is one of the famous things people like to do in Taos Pueblo.

4. Taos ski valley

It is one of the famous places to visit in Taos pueblo. People visit skiing because it is a one time view. I won’t lie, I speak the truth, so here’s another one, go on the mountains and imagine skiing from the top of the peak and directly falling to its sled, seeing and making snowmen, throwing balls of snow at your cousins. All of this is possible because the temperature is -14C. 

If you love adventure skiing can be the best thing to do if you are in Taos Pueblo.

5. Adventurous Pueblo Balloon

When traveling Taos pueblo is making your dreams come true, so why give it a second thought? We all love to fly between the skies and clouds and the hot air balloons in sunset or sunrise can make it true. Doesn’t it sound perfect? You don’t need to visit a fancy costly place, we look for the best and the best is here. Even pilots consider it the best, so who am I to put it at last?

6. Visit Millicent rogers museum 

Somehow, we all find an artist in ourselves, because we are unique. The Millicent rogers museum is very short and celebrates the artists, and who wouldn’t love to celebrate its hidden artist? It is a marvelous small museum and worth a short ride. Let’s celebrate our inner artists with the museum.

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7. Blue Lake 

It is not a source of water or nourishment. It is one of the most important to the Taos Pueblo people because it’s connected to its history and they are proud of it. It is one of the most visited locations in Taos Pueblo. It is a precious and very elegant lake. 

The blue Lake is covered with trees on the sides and has crystal clear water. The beauty of nature speaks for itself, no matter what, you can’t spend a vacation without visiting this one..right? Visit Blue lake for sure if you are in Taos Pueblo.

8. El Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

It is all about a scenic view with a relaxing ride, and when you reach the top, your struggles and hard work pay for it. You reach the most calming destination and view, it’s astonishing. It makes us fall in love with it. Yes, destinations are so pure and I promise you will visit it again and again because it is the best and leaves us speechless.

9. Columbine-Hondo Wilderness Study Area

The next thing to do in Taos Pueblo is to pay homage to the famous Columbine-Hondo Wilderness Study Area. It is one of the most beautiful places in the wilderness. It has younger mountains with an overwhelming view and is an exciting location. You only get one life, so don’t forget to make it adventurous. 

Let the wildness in you meet the wildness of the beauty. It is just like a trek, where you get a map, and start exploring on your own. You would enjoy this place in Taos Pueblo.

10. San Francisco de Asis church

It is a historic and architecturally significant building on the main plaza of Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico. Built-in the 1700s, the church has been an inspiration to artists like Georgia O’Keeffe and Ansel Adams. It has the best food and gives you the best historical experience. It’s just a small city which provides you with all the tastes of the past, present, and future.

Here are the top 10 places to visit in Taos Pueblo. I hope that this article helps you in finding perfect sightseeings for the trip and if you are still waiting, what’s the wait for? Book your tickets to Taos Pueblo before it gets sold out. Don’t forget to tell in the comment section about the destination and did you like the article?






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