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Top 10 places to visit in Virginia, USA

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Traveling to new places is like a rejuvenating mind, soul, and body. And start your usual routine with some extra focus after that. With lots of searches and studies, I found a very beautiful destination for a perfect trip which is Virginia in the USA.


Everyone has a little dilemma about the new destination where you can enjoy your trip maximum and which are the best places in this country.


So, I’m here to help you out with this dilemma, before visiting this country physically let’s visit virtually first!


Virginia is a top-notch country in the USA with Spectacular beaches and Enormous mountains. Every inch of Virginia is covered by some historical events which make it more interesting to explore.


Virginia also called ‘ The birthplace of Nation’. If you are planning to visit Virginia USA. you’re likely to want to know the best ‘ places to visit in Virginia, the USA without a tourist guide. Here we go and let you travel with us. 


I sorted out the Top 10 places to visit in Virginia USA, which gives you immense pleasure and loads of adventures, and some unforgettable memories.


Here are your best places to visit in Virginia


  1. Virginia Beaches



If you are thinking of visiting Virginia without going to Virginia Beaches? I must tell you this trip is never gonna be the value of money and time. Virginia Beach has the heart of Virginia USA. 


Virginia Beach sets in 3 miles Broadwalk, with Broad Blue Line, Wispy and radiant. If you are someone who is a beach lover then you can spend time on the beautiful beaches, if you are with family then you can enjoy their best cuisine and explore the taste of Virginia. 


If you want to go a little deeper and want to feel familiar with Virginia than Back Bay national wildlife, Refuge, Chesapeake Bay Bridge, False cape state park are the best places to visit in Virginia Beach.


2. Natural Bridge



Virginia has so many beautiful places but Natural Bridge gained the second position in the list of best things to do in Virginia. Natural Bridge is an unincorporated community in RockBridge country.


If you are a tree hugger then Natural Bridge is a must-visit place in Virginia USA for you. The essence of nature is everywhere. If you are going through the Virginia Safari Park, Dinosaur kingdom, and Caverns At Natural Bridge then you must be Awestruck with every tiny detail about animals and some extinct species.


3. Lexington



Independent city of commonwealth Virginia in Lexington. It lies in Shenandoah valley. 

The center Attraction of this place is Museum and military camps, where Museum takes you back in time where we learn how things are done and life used to be uneven compared to the present and, Military caps introduced us to their hard work and dedication toward their country. 


It gives you a sense of familiarity and something new at the same time. If you are a keen learner about the history and the Military then Keeneland Associated, Raven Run Nature Sanctuary, and Waveland State Historic Site are the best places to visit in Lexington, Virginia.


4. Hampton



Everyone has little curiosity about science and technology, art, and culture. Our fourth destination has all of them in one place.


So, the next place to visit in Virginia is paying homage to Hampton. Hampton in Virginia is best known for its vibrant art and culture, Tunnel and science center, signature events, and cultural attractions. Best places to visit in Hampton area Virginia Air & Science Centre, Bluebird Gap Farm, Huntington park, Rosie’s Gaming Emporium.


Hampton is best known for their “Footprints in Snow” event, this sounds like something new and exciting. This is one of the best things to do in Hampton.


5. Falls Church



The city of Falls Church is special and historic. Traveling around the world not only means visiting new places. It also means to discover a new taste, a new sense of fashion. Falls Church has the finest taste and incredible sense of fashion.


This city gives you the eccentric pleasure of unearthing something very unfamiliar.


6. Arlington



Arlington is a city where most of the civil war happened. Arlington sets in Northern Virginia on the southern Western bank of the Potomac River. Arlington feels very calm and tranquil. Sightseeing at the cemetery is a non-pleasures thing to do, but here by seeing the cemetery and monuments you also become a witness of the civil war that is held out there. 


Arlington also has a cemetery spread across 64 acres for Soldiers who died in the American Civil War. Arlington also has the most romantic parks, beaches, and restaurants. When in Virginia surely visit Arlington.


7. Great Falls



This can be the best place to visit in Virginia. Great Falls is most loved and popular to visit in Washington, D.C. Visited by locals and & tourists, at the Great Falls of the Potomac, the river drips 76 feet in less than a mile. 


The sight of the Potomac River is delightful and soothing. This view is so mesmerizing that you spend hours only by seeing this. And if you are absurd and tragical then Hiking, Camping, and trailing are the best things in Great Falls, Virginia.


8. Petersburg


The technology and tactics of doing Agricultural Experiment and research of Petersburg city give you some amaze feeling. This city spread across 21 miles south of the historic Commonwealth capital city of Richmond. This city is famous for its commercial and agricultural state. 


To know more about Agriculture and commercial things, the Best Places to visit in Petersburg is the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum, Swaders Sports Park, Keystone Antique Truck & Tractor Museum.


9. Damascus 


This city gives us the smoothness of lush greenery and water blues felt from a breezy and sparkling river, here you taste some of the finest wine. 


Damascus has Seven Nationally known as the trail. If you love Bushwacking and trail then the best place for you in Virginia while in Damascus is straight Branch Trailhead of Virginia Green,


10.Smith Mountain Lake


Smith Mountain Lake is the largest reservoir in the Roanoke Region. The lake was created in 1963 by Smith Mountain Dam impounding the roanoke river. Here you can find the best lakeside camping. You can also taste some fine wine here. 


These are the top 10 places to visit in Virginia USA to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable. If you visit Virginia and find some more awesome places to share your experience with us. Tell us in the comment section about your best places in Virginia.




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