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Top 10 Signs You Are Emotionally Dependent & Not Actually in Love

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10 Signs You are Emotionally Dependent and Not Actually in Love

Emotionally dependent

 A bond that defines your relationship

From the Shakespearean era to present, love has had its share in poems, in stories, in movies, and plays. We all know how hard it is to find someone who truly loves you but how do we know we have found our one true love or are they just another chapter of your life?

The Forty Rules of Love: A Novel of Rumi

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Everyone has different definitions of love and every kind of love is different, but you are extremely lucky if you have someone you love and someone who loves you.

We might not know all the answers but we can help you in figuring out if the person you think you love is actually the one. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Read on people, maybe you would find things which you could relate to.

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List of Signs You are Emotionally Dependent and Not Actually in Love-

1. The need for constant grand gestures from your partner.

Everybody loves a big romantic gesture once in a while but if you constantly need grand gestures from your partner then ask yourself why? If you are actually in love then you know that they love you without a doubt. Everybody knows that little moments together count more than the big ones. So, if this was true love wouldn’t you already know that you have it? Rather than needing reminders.

2.  Without them, you feel bored or alone.

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Doesn’t everybody loves’ spending time with their partner because it is the best time of the day. But how do you feel when they are not around you or when you don’t talk to them? Do you feel bored? Sad? Lonely? Sometimes it’s okay to miss your partner but when you do this more regularly then this means that you are not giving yourself time or you are giving them too much priority, which in any case is not good. Keep yourself busy have a life for yourself.

3.  Your partner’s approval is more important than your own.

Everybody wants their partner to approve certain things like a dress or a haircut but if you think that everything you do has to be so that they are pleased then that is a bit too much power to them. You should be independent in your relationship and make your decisions yourself (at least the minor ones). If you think even the small ones need their approval then you have to think about some things in this situation.

4. You are easily jealous

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If you get easily jealous when you see your partner talk to the opposite gender then you need to give it a thought. You should be able to trust your partner enough not to think that even talking to someone from the opposite gender can be a red flag for your relationship. They should be able to have friends from all spheres of their life which should not be a problem for you or your relationship.

5. Giving in to pressure and saying yes to things you don’t like.

Sure, all of us want to like the things our partner does so that we can make them happy and spend more time together. But are you saying yes constantly just so that they can do activities they like? Are you not giving time to things you like? Are you going to places they like so that they are happy? It’s a good idea doing their favorite things once in a while but do something that you like too.

6. Not spending enough time with your family and friends

We all want just a little more time with our partner. but are you constantly cancelling plans with other people just so you could spend time with them? We get that spending time with your partner is important but so is to spend time with your friends and family. You should have a balance with spending time with all the important people in your life and it shouldn’t be a problem for your relationship.

7. The need to change your partner

We all feel that we can get better and become a better person than we were but are you constantly feeling the need to change your partner as well? You might think that you can point out little things that they need to improve so that you might like them better, but if you do this repeatedly then that could be a problem. You should be able to accept your partner as they are.

8. The need to play mind games

We all play mind games when we are possessive about something but do you do that with your partner too? Are you making up excuses to check their phone? Are you turning more suspicious? These can be red flags and can tell you that you are not in love because then there would have been no need to play mind games. Think again.

9. Being controlling

Everybody likes a certain degree of control in their relationship because they like to feel that they are in charge. But are you constantly taking charge? Why do feel the need to do it? You should take turns to be on the driver seat in your relationship because it should be 50-50 effort from both of you.

10. Altering your personality when you are with them

Do you constantly feel the need to behave a certain way so that you can maintain a fake image in front of your partner? Everyone behaves a certain way when they are on the first date but if you are still maintaining that after the first date then you need to think again. If they love you, they would have accepted you no matter what.

If you are experiencing any of these things in your relationships then it is time to give your relationship a thought and think where is it going. Are you sure that the person you are with is the one? Talk to us in the comments below. Till then keep visiting.



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