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Thermoforming a Combination of 2D and 3D Printing

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If you are looking for ways to spruce up bland 2D graphics, then 3D digital prints and thermoformed articles are the way to go. It generates more revenue for your business and offers a plethora of creative 3D solutions for your retail, entertainment, and advertising applications. With advanced 3D printing services, making attractive, eye-catching advertisements or point of purchase displays is possible at nominal prices. 

When you incorporate thermoforming elements into your 2D advertisement campaigns, you open your displays to numerous possibilities. You can exercise your creativity, create complex forms and designs, and let your prints look radiant. 

3D print products offer the scope of customization, which is the backbone of a successful advertising campaign. 

3D printing services

Benefits of Thermoforming

As mentioned earlier, thermoforming combines the efficacy and vibrancy of 3D printing services with the cost-efficiency of 2D prints. Therefore, what we have before us is customized, creative, and appealing advertising displays without spending a considerable chunk of money on them.

Given below are a few advantages of thermoforming:

  • Attracts more viewers
  • Allows for a wide gamut of colours
  • Photographic image quality
  • Leaves scope for creativity and customization
  • Doesn’t need bulk orders to be cost-efficient

How Thermoforming Works 

Simply put, thermoforming is the process of creating a mould and then placing it on a sheet to add heat and vacuum. This helps the sheet take the form of the mould. 

Once you have the mould, you can create multiple variations of the same through digital printing. Although this process is not complex, you need efficient 3D print products for it. 

The printer you choose should offer control, flexibility, and enhanced performance. Consequently, it will help your business make huge profits within a short period.  3D printing services can minimize the processing time by quickly producing multiple prints, thanks to their super-size printing capacity. 

What To Look For In Print Products?

In any business that relies on advertising, the promotional needs are constantly changing, and you’ll have a range of products to choose from. But here are a few essential factors to keep in mind while choosing 3D print products:

  • Faster printing speed
  • Remote operations and large printing capacity
  • Adjustable print resolution
  • Cost-efficiency

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Out of these, perhaps the most critical factor is speed. Your printer should be able to transform a monotonous 2D model into an attractive, vibrant 3D print through thermoforming. It should permit the creation of complex designs and fantastic graphics. 

Although earlier, 3D printing was only essential in the fashion industry to help create attractive mannequins, today, it has found its way into multiple industries. This is mainly due to its cost-effectiveness and potential for producing stunning, eye-catching images. Industries where 3D technology thrives includes:

  • Fashion
  • Robotics
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive

Thermoforming Application

Thermoforming can produce POP signs, outdoor signage, promotional goods, lights, and displays on machines, gaming panels, vending panels, etc. 

Usually, UV inks are perfect for these processes. It can produce a wide range of opaque colours and have high photographic quality onto various acrylic, plastic, PVC, and polycarbonate materials. 

With their cutting-edge technology, 3D printing services have gained rapid prominence and are considered the best solution for modern advertising. They take digital printing to a new height, and the retail market thrives under its efficiency.


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