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Top 10 Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing Resume

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Update Resume keeping these few points in mind

Applying for a job?? So you need to have the best Resume, but don’t know how to write a resume? Also, are you writing a resume for the first time and need tips on how to write a resume for the first time? Don’t worry we have got the best resume writing tips to grab the attention of the interviewer. Just follow these basis CV writing tips and win the battle. In order to help you out to crack the interview in the first time, we decided to come up with a few effective tips and things one must keep in mind while preparing a resume.

Resume writing | resume writing points

Firstly you need to know about the format of a resume. That is how to effectively build a resume. For this, you can also refer a few resume formats but the content you will be posting should be authentic and not influenced by false information. Always follow best resume writing tips and tricks to grab attention.

With the complex economic situation of companies and the number of applicants, it becomes difficult to compete for jobs. Then how can a resume make a difference in this competition? But the fact is that a resume can win you the difficult step of getting shortlisted. In surveys, it was found that scrutinizers spend less than one minute for resumes and they make a perception about the candidate at that time.

So the resume should be very attractive. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid common mistakes people do while making resumes. So here are some tips below which can help you to make an influence on your resume.

Top 10 Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing a Resume for the first time-

  • Analyze the Requirements of Employer Very Clearly to avoid any Confusion.
  • Just keep your Resume Brief and factual
  • Include all your important Achievements
  • Make your Resume Presentable
  • Follow the Chronological Order
  • Try to Reflect Positive Aspect of Your Career
  • Explain Your Job Break in a Positive Manner
  • Never Take your Resume for Granted
  • Mention all your valid Extra-Curricular Activities and Hobbies
  • Expect the Questions Relevant to your resume in Interview

Top 10 Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing Resume


Before preparing a resume it is necessary that you should analyze the requirements of the employer. Read the advertisement carefully and see if your experience and qualification are relevant for the profile or not then only go with the best resume. It will help you to prepare a relevant resume according to the profile and it will attract the interest of the employer. It is the basic step towards writing an effective resume for the first time.


The second and one of the most important tips to keep in mind while writing a resume is to keep your resume brief and factual. Self-praise is good but do not write stories about yourself and your achievements. The resume should have brief points. Where you have mattered to tell like job responsibilities, you may write it in bullet points. The basic idea that the resume shall be in a concise format and the information shall be factual and in quantity terms not in subjective terms.
Try to confine your resume to one page only.


There is a strong possibility that an employer receives a number of applications for the same profile and sometimes shortlisting the eligible candidates become tough. That is the opportunity you can gain an edge at. Try to include your achievements in a brief and relevant manner. Highlighting the achievements will give a short snap of your experience in the field. Follow this resume writing tips and try to get an edge over others.


The fourth pint is so apt and one must keep in Mind While Preparing a Resume is how to create a resume eye-catchy and presentable? As employers get so many applications, it is possible that after a few resumes, it affects the perception of the resume scrutinize team. That is why it should be presentable which attracts the person to read it to the full.

It should be arranged in a manner with proper tables, graphs if possible, bold the important words, border it, paste your photo, separate the sections accordingly etc. keep it simple and attractive.

Never take it as PPT. do not take much liberty but your content shall be arranged in an interesting manner. These days even there are so many online free resume creator websites which provide you with the resume format and Resume examples. Presentable resumes get the most attention and one must keep this tip while preparing a resume.

A presentable resume will be clear and read by using the following points-

Follow major resume writing font Calibri or New Times Roman
• Spacing must be appropriate
• Don’t include many bullet points
• Font size must be between 12-14 only
• Maintain a margin all around.


The most important resume writing tip is to follow Chronology. Write a resume in a chronological manner. Your qualifications, experience, certificates, training shall be in chronological order. Means the latest shall be first and older in the last.

Make the separate sections for relevant experience, education qualification etc. and specify the experience, qualifications in chronological order. Your latest experience shall come first. It will help to get a speedy idea of your eligibility for the profile.

Try to use a proper resume format which includes-

  1. Header
  2. Career objectives
  3. Skills and Abilities
  4. Work Experience (If any)
  5. Educational background
  6. Interests


Prepare your resume with a positive attitude. Self-praise and strong points are different in a lot of ways. Therefore, try to include strong points of your career in a way which will be helpful in your journey with the employer’s company if you get selected.

Of Course, everything good seems suspicious sometimes, but if you mention your negative points, write your learnings from them and how you will not repeat them in the future. It is one of the best 10 tips to keep in mind while preparing the resume.

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This is one of the most common mistakes that people commit. Not pondering over this question. One of the top 10 things to keep in mind while preparing a resume is to accept your backsets. This effective resume writing tip will surely improve your career growth.

If you get any long break in career to say six months or more. It is better to mention the reason for that. Do not appear like a helpless person but like as if it was required for any valid reason at that time. Show it with positivity and what use you have done in that period for your career growth or personal improvement.


One thing!!!! Just mind this resume writing tip for sure!! Usually, people make one resume and post in bulk for employers without analyzing their requirement and applicability of that resume for the employer. But, like you do not have a concern to work on your resume, the employer also will not waste its time for your resume if it does not look relevant to him.

Therefore, check your resume before sending it to any employer and prepare it according to the profile. Also, does follow new creative things people use in resumes. Never rest after making one resume. Keep it updated and attractive.


You must have achieved something in your life be it sports, education and many other things. Mark this resume writing tip as important. That’s why we have the bold this point. Usually, all the resume formats include space for mentioning the applicant’s hobbies and other activities.

It is a good detail where the employer gets an idea of whether a person is only into a job or have some other interests to spare time. A total job person gets easily fatigued and frustrated in the job. therefore, involve yourself in some activity and mention in the resume.


The last but not the least out of Best resume points to keep in mind while preparing your resume for the first time that a resume is not just a formality for the application. Employer shortlists people for interviews after scrutinizing the resumes. And t is the resume from which the employer gets an idea of your personality, career, suitability for the job.

Therefore, in an interview also, interviewers ask questions related to the points you have mentioned in your resume. That is why it is important to input factual and brief information because for the obvious thing you gone through, will not be required any flashy makeup to be done.

So dear friends, they say that your resume says everything about you. Since your resume is the reflection of the kind of person you are, you must not neglect these top 10 things to keep in mind while preparing your resume.

If you believe that employers also want to see things in resume other than these, share with us by commenting. Try to follow these tips for writing resume especially for the first-timers. Why we are focusing on first timers because sometimes they create a mess while writing a resume and don’t get some valid points on how to write a resume. Here are few best tips and trick to rocking the interview with the best resume.

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