Thursday, January 26

10 Things To Keep In Mind While Traveling During This Pandemic (Covid-19)

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Since March 2020, we are struggling from the Pandemic lockdown, and remain indoor. Working from home, No parties, no get-togethers, and travelling were beyond our imagination. But thankfully September 2020 is marked with travelling approval, but with precautions. The outbreak of the COVID will continue to evolve. Mask, sanitizer, and social distance will be a new normal now.

Things To Keep In Mind While Traveling During This Pandamic | coronavirus| covid-19

When talking about traveling, precautions are very important. Experts say that many travelers will be questioned according to the travel plans and if it can be avoided, then they must be requested to do so.

The whole world is preparing to protect themselves and their family from this deadly covid 19 virus.

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While many recommendations are already shared by the governments and Travel agencies, still this blog is written for the top 10 things to keep in mind while traveling during Pandemic .

Let’s get started!

1. Be Updated with the government rules

It is very necessary to be updated with the central as well as state government rules regarding the travel for domestic or international vacations. It is also beneficial to contact your airlines for advice. Many websites and social media pages are filled with these updates that you can see daily before your travel. It is also advisable to meet your family doctor before going on the trip during Pandemic so that he/ she can recommend a few medications and advice.



2. Don’t accompany pregnant women or elder family members

It is advisable to avoid taking pregnant women and elderly people in the travel plans. No plan can be as important as the life of the person. You can make the adjustments accordingly and keep them at home. This Pandemic is highly dangerous for the low immunity people. So to keep the infection away, keep elderly and pregnant ladies away from your plan.

3. Face mask & Sanitisers

Covid-19 |Tips to stay safe while traveling |Mask and Hand sanitizer

As already said face masks, and sanitizers are the new normal nowadays. It is advisable to buy face masks, and sanitizers before leaving your home. Make sure you are available with many masks that are clean, and easy to use. Continue wearing your mask until you reach your destination- hotel rooms or house.

4. Check your insurance

Health insurance | Health insurance during traveling |Pandemic | 10 Things To Keep In Mind While Traveling During This Pandemic

It is also better to get prepared for the worst. Health insurance is the best thing to protect yourselves and your family from this virus. Ask your agent to add COVID 19 cover in it.

5.  Check your destination

Covid-19 |Tips to research a travel destination before you go| Pandemic

Next in the row is the assurance that your destination has all the medical facilities for yourselves when you arrive there. If in case you will get an infection, that place must be valuable with the necessary care and medical family to save your condition.

6. Carry sanitizers

Hand Sanitizer | best sanitizer | travel hand sanitizer| Pandemic

Make sure your travel plan has enough water and soap so that you can wash your hand frequently. It is very important to take the necessary precautions to keep yourselves away from the infection. Carry alcohol-based sanitizers, if water and soap are not accessible.

7. Avoid touching

Washing your hands on the regular intervals will help you to keep yourself safe. Don’t touch your eyes and mouth.

8. Cough using tissue

It is very important to keep a distance from people around while traveling. Plus, it is equally important to keep away from people so that your infection cannot be transferred to the people around you.

9. Clean your objects too

It is very important to sanitize your bags, bottles, or trollies while you travel.

10. Beware

Last but not the least, it is very important and aware while you do the screening and monitoring at the entry and exit gate of the airports or the railway stations.


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