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Top 10 Characters of Game of Thrones | GOT

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As the epic TV series nears its end, we can’t help but talk about the GOT cast. Each Game of Throne characters has left an impression on all the fans, one more than others. It is neither fair nor possible to rank the GOT characters but I can’t help it either. Here’s a list of top 10 characters of Game of Thrones according to me. Feel free to disagree, if you must.

Best Characters of Game of Thrones

Jon Snow Best Characters Of Game Of Thrones


The protagonist had to come first and the fact that he had been the best one in the entire history of television makes it compulsory that everyone else follows. I think I have always been in love with Jon Snow. He has always been my heartthrob among all the GOT characters. He is a born leader with a charismatic personality and golden heart mixed with the toughness of the north. And he has a badass friend in Ghost.


Arya Stark Best Characters Of Game Of Thrones

Now that she killed the Night King, she is the most astonishing of all characters of Game of Thrones. She is strong, gutsy and has more mental strength than most GOT characters. The way she walked with pride among the most ruthless warriors of the GOT cast, it gained her respect from the GOT fans. She and Needle made a great pair, together they are formidable.

Tyrion Lannister Best Characters Of Game Of Thrones

The GOT actor who played Tyrion, Peter Dinklage is a famous TV actor. His character in Game of Thrones is charismatic, intelligent and shrewd at the same time. Lannisters are despised by everyone and Tyrion was despised by his own family. He had been ostracised by the society for being an imp and loving wine and woman. He is not just the smartest GOT character and the most decent one, along with Jon Snow.

Daenerys Targaryen Best Characters Of Game Of Thrones

The mother of most majestic creatures, Daenerys got in the game with them and became the contender of the iron throne. The GOT actor that played Daenerys is Emilia Clarke. Her GOT character is the strongest and the most boring of all characters of Game of Thrones. Her vision is clear- to rule the iron throne and end the tyranny, slavery and other evils of the society. But she has to learn a lot about leadership. Her tragedy is that the man she loved turns out to be her cousin and the prime contender of the iron throne.


Jaime Lannister Best Characters Of Game Of Thrones

The kingslayer came a long way in his journey. From being a GOT cast that all the fans despised to becoming a changed character of Game of Thrones. His time in captivity and travelling with Brienne changed him. He also travelled all the way to the North and fought beside everyone to the Night King, even when the love of his life, her twin sister, Cersei denied the promise she made to them. Will this be the redemption of his sins?

Sansa Stark Best Characters Of Game Of Thrones

From being Naive and weak, this GOT character became the ruler of the North in the absence of Jon Snow. She kept learning as she had to face some terrible situations. From being a girl who only dreamt of a rich husband, this character of Game of Thrones developed as a leader. Her innate political shrewdness and emotional strength led her out of the situations that likely would have cost the heads of all the Starks. She survived Cersei, Jeoffery, Ramsay, and Littlefinger and came out even stronger each time.

Cersei Lannister Best Characters Of Game Of Thrones

This GOT cast is one among those female Games of Thrones characters who are independent and fierce. But Cersei lives in a negative shade. Her resolute and motherly nature resulted in the destruction of many. Her love for her family she is prepared to burn the cities and other families to the ground. And her incestuous relationship with her twin Jamie made the things worse.

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Jorah Mormont Best Characters Of Game Of Thrones

The sincere advisor of the mother of dragons has been one quiet and powerful GOT character. His one mistake had cost him his love, Daenerys. It took him a lot of effort to gain back her faith. He survived the deadly greyscale plague and died protecting one person who mattered most to him.

Samwell Tarly Best Characters Of Game Of Thrones

Among all Game of Thrones characters, Sam is one underdog who overcame his fears and fought the white walkers bravely. He is one devoted friend to Jon. His good heart and his need for knowledge made him one very interesting GOT cast. He loved deeply, stood by his friend, and in the ned, for himself as well.

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The Night King Best Characters Of Game Of Thrones

Without him, there wouldn’t be the war in the North. He is the coldest character of Game of Thrones. Ages ago, when humans were slaughtering magical children, they created him to save themselves. And then he turned against them and created his white walkers’ army.

These are the top 10 GOT characters, in no particular order.


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