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Top 10 Rakhi Designs 2021 for Available on Amazon

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Rakhi Design Collection 2021: Latest designs for your brother!!

India is famous around the world because it has a varied and diverse culture, which changes based on which city you are visiting. There are different cities, different religions and variously different cultures, traditions and customs. There are different styles of food, art and music-even different languages are spoken across the nation. India is known all over the world for its different festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Janmasthami, Raksha Bandhan, Eid and so on. Festivals play a crucial role in the Indian Society as various festivals are celebrated on this sacred land throughout the year.

Why do we celebrate Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most awaited festivals in Indian society as it represents the beautiful bond between brothers and their sisters. It is celebrated on the Full moon day of the Hindu month of Sravana(July/August). The word Raksha means protection and Bandhan means to tie.  Sister always looks for the best Rakhi designs for their brothers. 

Latest Rakhis on Amazon

Why do sisters buy Rakhis? 

Raksha Bandhan is also abbreviated as Rakhi. Rakhis are tied around the wrist of brothers. In our Indian culture, we believed that if a sister ties a rakhi around the hand of his brother it becomes obligatory for him to honour his religious duty and protect her. As the rakhi is tied a prayer is offered to ask for happiness and prosperity.

From where to shop online for the latest Rakhi Designs in 2021?

Rakhis are often decorated with multi-coloured threads and beads and often adorned with stones also. However, buying a rakhi nowadays can be a real hassle as there are multiple options so it becomes hard to choose the best one for your brother. The trend is dynamic although the feeling of buying remains the same. Due to the current coronavirus crisis and lockdown, many sisters are unable to buy rakhis that’s why Online Rakhi Shopping is also introduced.

As the auspicious occasion falls only once a year, commemorating the bittersweet relationship of brothers and sisters. There are many different types of rakhis available on Amazon this year due to the lockdown effect. 

What type of Rakhis should sisters buy?

For the upcoming Raksha Bandhan 2021 we, have come up with the latest trending collection of rakhi designs from your elder brother to younger brother, from your fashionable brother to baby brother the best and latest rakhi designs 2021 in the categories are given below:

Auspicious Rakhi Designs

There are so many auspicious rakhis available on Amazon that you can buy for your brother irrespective of age. Sisters tie Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers and pray for their long life filled with happiness, peace and prosperity. So tying the rakhi to the wrist of the deities, gods and goddesses is a way to ensure your brother’s safety and well being.

God Rakhi Designs on Amazon

  • Ganesha Rakhis: There are Lord Ganesha Rakhi designs that hold the utmost importance in Hindu mythology. As he marks the new beginning and removes all obstacles from any work. Shower the blessings of Lord Ganesh with your love. You can buy this rakhi design online from amazon.


    • Rudraksha Rakhis: Rudraksha Rakhi is a blessing of Lord Shiva as Rudraksha is originated from the tear of Lord Shiva which makes it auspicious. It is symbolized for money, success and well being of your brother. Wearing rudraksha as rakhi with thread can shower blessings. Buy this Rakhi on Amazon today!
    • Swastik Rakhis: Swastik Rakhi is an ancient religious symbol of Swastik on rakhi. which brings happiness in the life of an individual can also be a good choice of rakhi. Wearing Swastik rakhi will add auspicious value to your brother’s life.
    • Krishna Rakhis: This is one of the most lovable latest Rakhi designs for kids in 2021. If your brother is younger and a little naughty, Krishna Rakhi could be the best choice. Bring this Krishna Rakhi for your little kiddo brother and shower the blessings of Lord Krishna on your brother.

Another Auspicious Rakhi includes Sai rakhi, Ek Omkar rakhi, Mauli Rakhi, Khanda Rakhi, Hanuman Rakhi and Om Rakhi all these means the same to bless your dearest brother with blessings, power, positive energies, happiness and prosperity.

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Traditional Rakhi Deigns

In this upcoming Raksha Bandhan 2021 make your bond more strong by tying the beautiful traditional rakhi designs on the wrist of your dearest brother.  Don’t get confused by its name because it does not look dull. Well! There are so many beautiful Rakhi collections are available on Amazon with a variety of designs. You have no shortage of options so but the best rakhi for your loving brother.

Traditional Latest Rakhi Designs online on Amazon

Some of the traditional rakhis are:-
  • Kundan Rakhi:  It is the most saleable Rakhi design on every Rakshabandhan. This auspicious thread gives an antique Indian look, as the Kundandery cut traditional famous. The rakhis made up of Kundan (Indian traditional gemstone) look amazing and stylish. And your brother would surely love this rakhi 2021. 
  • Chandan Rakhi: It is the sandalwood Rakhi made up the significance of Indian culture. Many rakhis are made up of sandalwood because of their freshness and great fragrance You can also buy it for your brother from Amazon this Rakshabandhan 2021.
  • Gemstone Rakhi: Gemstones are also known as birthstones. It is included in jewellery items as well as rakhis due to its various properties like power, healing and good luck.
  • Meenakari Rakhi: It is artwork made up of colouring the metal surface. This artwork looks amazing in rakhis as it gives it a new modern look and designer by embroidering them with brilliant metallic colour.

And many more options are also available, traditional rakhis are the best for Raksha Bandhan gives the traditional look and festive vibes.

Kids Rakhi Designs

Kids Latest Rakhi Designs on Amazon

For your, little munchkins buy the best kids rakhi online. Make them happy by tying their favourite rakhi on their wrist. So, many cartoons characters and designer rakhis options are available in the market. You can get any of their choices. Some of the options are given below:-

  • LED Rakhi: This is the fancy rakhi designed with led light. If you are the elder sister, then it will be a great choice for your little brother. 
  • Spiderman rakhi: If your brother loves Marvel cartoon characters then you should buy this Spiderman rakhi. He will be happy to have his favourite cartoon character rakhi on his wrist. The spiderman Rakhi design is easily available online on Amazon. 
  • Doraemon rakhi: Doremon is the most loving cartoon character. Your little munchkins would love to have this. This is a great option and it will make them happier.
  • Toy rakhi: Toys rakhi are easily available on any online shopping site. So, many options you can get in toys rakhi. So, buy the best one for your little brother.

You can get various types of rakhi designs with different cartoon characters. DIY rakhi designs are also on the list. 

Some other Rakhis like new trendy quirky rakhi and handmade rakhi is also on the list. you will surely find the perfect Rakhi thread for your loving brother. But if you are still confused you can check the various shopping sites, visit Amazon and buy the best Rakhi online for your brother this Rakshabandhan 2021.


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