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Top 10 Unique Ideas To Get Closer To Family, Diwali 2020

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Family is all about the people close to us. People who are not only related to us by blood but also the people close to us. They share our ups and downs with us and are our support systems. Diwali is the perfect occasion to get your family closer. 

Diwali gifts

Diwali brings happiness and joy with all its light of triumph of good over evil. Diwali brings us the opportunity to bring our already close family closer to us. But with what? In what way can this be done? Oh no, remove those frown lines fellas. We have the perfect top 10 unique ideas to get closer to family this Diwali 2020

10 Best Ideas To Get Closer To Family This Diwali 2020

1. Matching T-shirts 

A great way to get close to your family is by getting matching clothes. Remember the King, Queen, Prince & Princess family t-shirts we kept seeing online? Lovely weren’t they? This Diwali, get this gift for your family and put them on together. Show off your Instagram worthy outfits to the world.

Matching T- shirts

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2. Funny Blooper Pictures

Everyone has perfect family pictures for Diwali but why not give each other the funny moments pictures as a Diwali 2020 gift. This gift will be a lovely Diwali get-together talk worthy topic. See all your family members cracking up on those funny photos. 

Funny bloopers

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3. Fun Night Bowl

Yes, this one is definitely in for a win. Everyone has a family fun day in the week. Everyone goes to dinners in expensive restaurants but that is rather a cliché. So, why not let everyone chip in different ideas for fun night? Find an easy Fun night bowl online for your family as a Diwali gift and bathe in the appreciation. 

Fun Night Bowl

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4. Personalized Family Blankets 

Diwali comes with the promise of winter right along with it and you know that you are going to need some blankets for that cold weather. Get your family a personalized blanket set that speaks of warmth and care for each one of your family members. This Diwali 2020, show them that you care. 

Personalized Family Blanket

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5. Family Tree Portrait

If you have a big joint family living together then this Diwali gift is the perfect gift for your whole family. In the world of small, nuclear families if you are lucky enough to have a big family then buy them a big Family Portrait this Diwali 2020. Everybody gifts a small frame but show your big heart with a bigger portrait. 

Family Tree Portrait

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6. Karaoke Machine 

This big present for the whole family is the perfect way to bring your family closer. A karaoke machine lets you bring the family close like none else. Singing your heart out with your closed ones joining you is a perfectly fun way. This Diwali, present a Karaoke Machine as a Diwali gift as enjoy the occasion much more. 

Karaoke Machine

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7. Handwritten Message Cards 

Cards are a thing of past now, Handwritten Messages are the new deal now. Write some secret messages with inside jokes. You know humor never gets boring, so don’t forget to include some inside jokes on your Diwali Gift. Exchange some mysterious and funny glances with each one of them after they read your Diwali messages. 

Handwritten Message Cards

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8. Personalized Sign Posts

Fancy right? You can thank us later for this totally out of the box idea. Give each of your family members a personalized signpost as a Diwali gift for this Diwali 2020. Take your gift game up a notch and you will be remembered for this gift until next year then we will give you another fancy idea.

Personalized Sign Posts

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9. Alphabetical Cushion Covers

One of a kind gift. This Diwali gift is another out of the box idea to brighten up your Diwali. Easy to find and not hard on your pocket this Diwali gift are the ones that show how much you put an effort. Another point for you to top the gift list this Diwali 2020

Alphabetical cushion cover

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10. Homemade Sweet

We will suggest this idea only to the experts. If you are not an expert in the kitchen then we suggest you take the help of an expert or someone with a gift. Something cooked signifies that you care enough for the other person deeply to put in time & effort. Plus gives you the chance of trying your hand at something other than Maggi. Try this special gift this Diwali 2020 and get that limelight for yourself. 

Homemade Sweet

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Here were our top 10 unique ideas to get closer to family this Diwali 2020. We hope that they get your gift game up a notch. Try them out this Diwali 2020 and tell us which ones you like the most. Have a happy and safe Diwali. Till then keep visiting.  


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