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When Is Dussehra And Why It Is Celebrated?

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Dussehra is a Hindu celebration that shows the winning of good over demons. It is a victory occasion in India. Which is celebrated on the tenth day of the half (Shukla Paksha) of the period of Ashvin month, as per the Hindu schedule. 

One of the well-known celebrations celebrated in India, Dussehra. It arrives on the tenth day of the Hindu lunar month (autumn season) of Ashvin. Which is among the month of September and October as per the western schedule. 

Dussehra 2020 | Vijayadasami Muhurat 2020 | Dussehra celebration date 2020

Dussehra is also seen celebrated on a huge scale in Bangladesh and Nepal as well and is broadly known as ‘Vijayadashmi’.

In Nepal, it is the biggest celebration and comes after the nine days of Navratri celebration. addition to the fact that Hindus celebrate it with incredible energy and excitement. In 2020, it is going to celebrate on 25th October.


This day denotes the start of the season of harvesting in India and the ‘mother earth’ is known to reactivate the energy and raise the soil fertility. This activity is done by performing ceremonies and religious exercises upon the arrival of Vijayadashmi. 

Some unknown Realities about Dussehra 


  • Everyone does not know that Dussehra is additionally celebrated as the Vishwakarma Divas, which is also popular as the National Labor Day of India. 
  • Vijayadashmi is an auspicious day when weapons are revered which is broadly known as the ‘Shastra Puja’. This draws it from two sources, one from the story of Mahabharata and the other from the love of the weapons which were utilized by Goddess Durga to kill the demon named Mahishasur. 
  • Another reality about this day which makes it more special is the Vyasa Puja, which is the worship and love of the chief Guru, Guru Veda Vyasa.

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Dussehra 2020: Significance and importance

Numerous individuals of the Hindu religion or community believe Dussehra. They do prayers and offers food contributions to the divine beings at home or in temples all through India. There are additionally open-air fairs (Melas) held on this auspicious day.

The idols of King Ravana are set on fire with crackers at night. Dussehra is the climax part of the Navaratri celebration. 

There are numerous ways of celebrations nearby in certain zones in India that can keep going for as long as 10 days. Nearby occasions ways include: 

  • Some stage Performances of the Ramlila (a short form of the epic Ramayana) in Northern India. 
  • An enormous celebration and parade are held including the goddess Chamundeshwari on an honored position on elephants. 
  • The gift is distributed to family and business-related devices, for example, books, PCs, cooking skillet and vehicles in the territory of Karnataka. 

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What do people believe for Dussehra 2020?

Numerous Hindus likewise accept that this day is the auspicious and pleasant day to begin another work, endeavor,  or venture on Dussehra.

They may likewise exchange some blessings of leaves from the Shami tree as an image of the story of the Pandavas siblings’ outcast in the Mahabharata stories. 

Vijayadasami Muhurat – Time for Celebrating Dussehra 2020

On this day, ruler . As indicated by the folk tale, Sitaji was kidnapped by Ravana during their 14 years of exile in the forest region of Ravana. Lord Rama battled with Ravana with the assistance of his sibling Lakshman and Hanuman Ji and brought Sita back. 

Vijayadasami Muhurat 2020 |Rama killed Ravana photo |Dussehra festival 2020|

During the nine days of the war, Lord Rama venerated goddess Durga and killed Ravana on the tenth day i.e Dashami. This is the reason that Vijayadashmi is one of the most huge and special days in the Hindu religion. This is the reason this day Dussehra is celebrated. 

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Dussehra 2020 is also going to take place in this way of celebration on  25th October 2020.


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