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Top 10 Wedding Anniversary Game Ideas

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Many Parties like Wedding Anniversary, birthday parties are incomplete without fun and music. With these fun-filled top anniversary game ideas which are fun and easy to do, your party will surely be a memorable one for you and all the guests. While the hosts are often busy tending the guests, they get very minimal time to make the party enjoyable for them as well. Anniversary Games can be played by every age group as it increases the love and affection with your loved ones.

Wedding Anniversary Games

These Anniversary party or couples party games fun ideas that we are mentioning for the Anniversary Party Game will triple your fun. Additionally, games are great for breaking the ice. Any strangers at the party will feel more welcomed and will feel considerably more lively. Learn what you can do to ensure a happy anniversary party with these wedding anniversary ideas.

So dive into our top 10 Anniversary game ideas.

1. Musical Chairs

The Most Fun Anniversary Games for all age groups Old is Gold. This game idea for anniversary parties deserves to be the top Wedding anniversary game ideas. We have been familiar with the game and the Musical chair is the most preferable choices. Not only because it a game for spirited people but it is also a personal favorite of our elders.

Music chair game

I remember my parents discuss how they use to play musical chair when they were kids. This Anniversary game idea will surely bring your childhood memories to live again. Great game for all. You will need some music and a few chairs. Play the music and people participating have to circle the hairs. The music will stop abruptly and the people circling will take their seats. There will be one less chair amongst the participants. Each time, the chair will be removed when one person is unable to find a chair. The person who lasts until the end will win. It is on the top list of any Anniversary party games Ideas.

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2. I know what you did last summer?

This Anniversary game idea will surely test your partner’s knowledge and how well they know you. All you need is to collect some 10- 20 questions and perfect game idea for Wedding Anniversary where you can know your Partner well. These questions can be your personal ones for example- Who spends the most money on shopping? The partners will need to sit facing their backs to each other. A third person will read the question on the cue card and both the partners will have to honestly or not so honestly raise their hands to respond to the question.

This top wedding anniversary game ideas will reveal some secrets and let you know your partner a bit more. Make sure you are not involving awkward questions to avoid embarrassing each other. Remember that this is for fun and very easy to perform.

3. Who Knows Them Best

Golden Wedding Anniversary? This best anniversary game idea will provide some funny answers to test your guests’ knowledge, especially at your 25th or 50th wedding anniversary. It is also known as couples party games. You can include some questions here like- who was the actor in a particular movie. Type the answers and print them so that the guests know you have not changed the answers.

You can also ask the guests about your parents/ friends/ relatives’ funny habits, weird habits, things that irritate them most, or what make them laugh hard. Then read the ting habits, funny anecdotes, etc. Type out & print the questions on paper with room to write the answers aloud. Always keep extra cue cards if people want more time.

4. Name that Song

Name That Song is a super fun anniversary party game to play. You will need to select some old or new songs as per your desire. Write the name of the song on the cue card. Play the song for a short time, then stop. The first person to accurately recognize the tune will gain a point. Track the points awarded. The individual with the most points shall win. Do present a gift to boost their morale.

5. Why can’t boys remember the dates?

Well if you are getting married or celebrating the first year of your anniversary or any anniversary. This anniversary game idea to be played at your party will definitely prove who is best at remembering the dates. Pick some dates from your meeting or attire questionnaire. For example, what color T-shirt he was wearing, what color dress she was wearing.

What was the date when you first met? When did you get engaged? Then a third person will ask the question and whosoever answers first and correctly will win. This top anniversary party game idea is really enjoyable when you do not include hints. Give prizes for the funniest answer. Read the correct answer loudly so that everyone can hear.

6. Guess that Movie?

For this game, you will need a Headphone, some cue cards with the name of the movies written on them. Then all you need is some loud music and two candidates. One person has to put headphones on and there will be loud music playing. The other person will whisper the name of a movie and the other person listening to the loud music has to guess the name of the movie. Get ready to roll in with some really funny reactions and laughter. This is one of the top favorite games ideas for the anniversary party.

7. Dumb Charade

Dumb Charade

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Pick the names of various prominent actors, actresses, movies and let the other person try to guess what you mean. You will need some cue cards and a third person to check whether the other one is cheating or not. Use hand gestures, expressions to help the person. This is a really fun idea for your anniversary party. Get ready to take the laughter ride because this anniversary party game idea is really really engrossing.

8. Dance-off Competition

All the guests are required to pair up. Then select some to act as judges and they judge couples. The playing involves randomly playing a song from old movies or the latest movies. The couple will need to display their best moves forward. If they succeed in impressing, do honor them by giving a round of applause and a small token of a prize. The dance does not in order at all. You be as craziest and hilarious as you want.

9. Find your partner

blindfold game

In this game, the newly married couple or the person whose Wedding anniversary is being celebrated will step forward. The game will be more fun if guests participate as well. One each of the couple will be blindfolded. There will be 5-6 ladies or gents lined up. The blindfolded person has to go and identify who their real partner is. This interesting anniversary party game will certainly cheer you and bring smiles to your faces. And imagine if the person finds the right partner, how much happiness and cheering it would bring in the game. People hooting and whistling will make the party more joyful.

Blindfolded ribbon

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10. Honey, will you cook for me today?

This anniversary game idea is skewed only for the husbands in the house. You will need some readymade flour dough. Make sure that at least 4-5 male members are participating. Then the husbands will have to make their chapati as round as possible. The one who gets their chapati close to round first will win.

These are the top 10 Anniversary Party Game Ideas will make your party lavish and full of laughter. If you also know or have played any such game at such anniversaries, share with us your experience



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