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What Are The Types Of Cremation Services in Sydney?

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It is not easy to bear the loss of your loved ones. When demise occurs, it causes a lot of pain and trouble for family members. What is even worse is that they do not even get the grief over the family member that they have just lost because of the certain sudden arrangements that need to be made. There are a lot of rituals that need to be completed following the demise of an individual.

To combat this condition, you need to be in touch with the best cremation service providers. It is important to find someone who can handle all the things efficiently and make the troubles easy on you. To find a good quality cremation service in Sydney, you can try to get in touch with several agencies so that you can compare the services and costs. You can tell them about your requirements and finalize your decision based on interaction with them. You get an idea about which agency will be able to fulfil your needs the best.

What are the types of cremation services?

Losing a loved one brings with it a pain that no one should ever go through. It’s an inexpressible and immeasurable ache that no one can understand. However, this irreversible loss leaves one devastated. We will always have empathy in our hearts for the families going through such hard times. 

The cremation service providers cannot lessen the pain that will remain in your heart for years but will help you achieve some peace. The demise of your loved ones brings with it the pain of loss and a bunch of responsibilities. After the sad demise of a person, there are a lot of prepaid funeral services and funeral rituals which have to be performed to bid a proper farewell.

Informing the relatives, looking for the perfect cremation place, looking for a priest, and many more. That is where the service providers come in. Here is a guide to support you in completing the rituals peacefully.

Some of the services offered by the cremation service companies include:


  • Type of funeral you want
  • Keeping your belongings for your friends and family in safe custody
  • Your wish of getting your organs donated
  • Any charity you want to offer after your demise
  • Direct cremation

Traditional Funeral Service Followed By Cremation

A traditional funeral involves the visitation for public viewing and funeral service, generally within two to three days of the demise. The funeral service is followed by cremation rather than being buried.

A cremation casket is a small chest specifically designed to be used in the cremation process. The service can be held at a church, funeral chapel, or another place suitable for cremation. The cremation casket can be left open or closed during visitation.

Following the viewing, the funeral rituals, and the cremation ceremony, the deceased can be buried with all the remaining rites or can be returned to the family.

Memorial Service

The memorial service is carried out without the presence of the body of the person whose demise has taken place. The cremation is carried out in one or two days but the memorial service is arranged after some weeks or months have passed. The memorial service is generally carried out at places like a church, funeral home, or a park. An urn holding ashes can be witnessed which will later be buried at a cemetery, a cremation niche, or even bringing it back home. This forms part of the final disposition of the remains and is done after the memorial service has taken place.

Direct cremation

A direct cremation is the most primary and least expensive cremation process, as it only involves minimal services. A direct cremation is often referred to as simple cremation. Direct cremation does not include any type of service. It is a feasible option for those who do not have much budget to perform any additional services. It is a very simple and honourable way of giving goodbye to your family member.  

It is always good to know about the variety of options that you have to say a final goodbye to your loved ones. It is good to know about these things in advance so that you can make the best decision possible when this time comes.



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