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What makes a person’s mental rebound?

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Have you ever experienced a big event in your life where you were in despair and did not know how to lift your spirits? At times like that, will you drown in misery, blame the situation, or get up and move on?

While some people “slip” on their grief, others may stand firm against adversity. The secret behind this resilience lies in mental resilience. So what is mental resilience and how to improve your spirit? Let’s find the answer with ELLE in the article below.

What is spiritual power?

Mental resilience is a psychological strength that helps us to overcome adversity in life. When we have resilience, we are given more energy to recover from difficulties. Besides, mental resilience is also the ability to adapt to all circumstances, tragedies, threats, crises … Many scientists believe that those who possess strong mental resilience will be able to effortless problem-solving and re-order life with ease.

One of the typical examples of rebounding is the Japanese nation’s journey to revive after the natural disaster. Over the years, the country of the rising sun often faces earthquakes, tsunamis, floods … This place has suffered too many economic and human losses. However, after only a short time, the whole world had to “fall its hat” before the miraculous recovery of Japan from the ruin and ruin.

Currently, the resilience of each person is more clearly demonstrated in a pandemic or natural disaster, when the whole of humanity is facing a crisis. The same problem is the same, but some people stay calm, focus on the positive, others are full of fear and anxiety.


  1. Genetics

According to some studies, a human’s ability to recover from hardship is caused by genetic factors. “In my opinion, genetic factors cause differences in personality, ability to take risks or assertiveness,” said Khestan Koenen, professor of psychiatric epidemiology at Harvard University, Department of Public Health. whether you are an introvert or an extrovert ”.


Professor Koenen believes that genetics influences mental strength, but it does not dominate the overall ability to overcome adversity. Because mental strength is also related to many other factors such as living conditions, education … According to Bessel van der Kolk, professor of psychiatry at Boston Medical University, feeling loved as a child is a wonderful foundation for us to overcome difficulties and obstacles in life. The first 20 years of life are especially important, said this professor. Because first-time experiences have a profound effect on our brains and consciousness. In addition, our spiritual resilience also depends on how we are taught, raised, and whom we regularly interact with …


Faith has an extremely powerful power. It is an infinite source of motivation that makes people overcome all adversity. Many studies have shown that those who believe in religion, spiritual aspects, or belief in positive things have the ability to restore and possess flexibility in thinking. In addition, they are often optimistic, selfless, and sympathetic to those around them.

How to enhance your spirit?


It will not be easy for you to overcome events if you cannot realize your purpose in life. Life is like a colourful picture. When passing through the “dark areas”, the purpose of life is the lighthouse that illuminates your journey. Answer yourself the question: “What am I living and striving for?”, “What do I mean by what I am working towards?” …

Finding meaning in life is also a journey of self-discovery. Therefore, you should observe yourself, “connect” with your heart more to understand and choose for yourself the answer. Each person will find their own answer. It can be the pursuit of happiness, spiritual freedom, or simply the peaceful days with family and relatives … Whatever your purpose, the times are filled with “darkness”. Don’t forget to light up your “light”.


There is a saying in English: “Tell me who your friend is, I will show you, what kind of person you are”. Relationships play a very important role in shaping one’s lifestyle and personality. Build connections with positive people instead of whining people. Knowing how to show your emotions doesn’t mean acting always complaining all the time.

You can participate in social activities to help your community, while at the same time have opportunities to contemplate life and nurture compassion. In addition, please prioritize joining organizations and groups that have the same goals and aspirations for more motivation.


A healthy body is a foundation for a clear mind. Maintain an active lifestyle by having a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, drinking enough fluids, and exercising regularly. In this way, you can not only have a healthy body but also balance, neutralize emotions such as anxiety or depression …

A healthy lifestyle not only comes from the outside but also comes from your thoughts. Life is not always “spoiled” according to our wishes, it is useless if you spend your energy on things that cannot be changed. So, learn to accept the truth, take the time to acknowledge the problem, and learn from the past. Although the challenge makes us uncomfortable, it is an opportunity for our courage and spiritual strength to be forged.

Practising mindfulness will help you regain your emotional balance. In addition, journaling, yoga, and other methods such as prayer or meditation can help restore your mental health and find peace. In order for the process of improving your mental strength to be smooth, you need to avoid harmful relationships, stimulants such as alcohol, beer, coffee, cigarettes …


Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you feel mentally unstable. Try talking to people you know close to, psychiatrists, or people you trust. Dare to share and reveal the “hidden corners” you are facing is not a weakness but also an act of courage.

Like building muscle, increasing your mental resilience takes time, willpower, and patience. The result will not come overnight, but day-to-day progress. So, please observe your own change and use that as the motivation to move forward.


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